Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Oh, that all rushed by, far, far too quickly...

That was the week, that was.
How come it rushed by so quickly ? That really is a tad unfair.
So, here I am, back at AZ Towers in London, many thoughts of Slovakia going round my head.
It was one of those 'thinking back' days today, I guess it had to be.
There is only one way to start the day as far as I am concerned, and that is sitting out in the sunshine on the little terrace at Caffe-Time, a fab little place - in fact the RTI Studios are directly above it.
Endless sunny days of around 28 degrees usually began here, with a glass of crystal clear iced water and a wonderful coffee, made and served up by the ever delicious Petra, above.
Now, that's a perfect start to the day.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the shows over the past week, and to have that immediate interaction was such fun, after all, it had been a while since I had done 'live' radio.
My eternal thanks to my hosts - Eric and Martina - who looked after me so well.
And all the staff at RTI are an amazing group of people.
But, this is true of the Slovak people as a whole too, all very welcoming and friendly.
I cannot wait to go back.

I did a fair amount of people-watching in the town centre yesterday. You can learn a lot by doing that.
There were many, many happy faces, a good atmosphere all round - and that is something often missing from big city living these days. And the town, all over, was immaculate. Litter ? Doesn't happen.
And you know, it was something I did not notice whilst I was there - it only struck me when I returned to London today, and suddenly the massive difference hit me.
Over the week, many streets, shops, places, all became familiar to me, but in a very comfortable way, which was quite unexpected. I felt very much at home.

My thanks to all I met, for making my stay such a hugely enjoyable one.