Sunday, February 25, 2007

Birthdays and Playlists

Hi Zoneheads,
so, what is it with Zone-connected Birthdays at the moment ?
They are everywhere. Yesterday, the infamous tall Cool One, Gil Legine. Today, we say many happy ones to Richard Bismarck. Within 2 weeks, it's Johnny Reece. And not only them, a host of regular listeners get in on the February/March Pisces brigade of Birthdays too, so in case we don't do it at the time, warmest wishes to Lucy, Steve, Laurence, Anja, Jia, Billy, and... oh, damn, I'm going to forget someone, aren't I ?...
On to tonight, and the Johnny Reece Show, via RTI, around the world on
That's at 20.00 hours UK time for the few who don't know, or, Sky 0195 if you are a european satellite fiend.
Just working through future Schedules here at AZ Towers this weekend, and these will be published during the next few days, giving you future listings for all AZ Shows on our various outlets, RTI, Sky, Radio Seagull, Radio Waddenzee et al...
But - here goes - tonights Reecey Soiree, is as follows :
--------------------------------------, 20.00 hours (UK)
Sky channel 0195 20.00 hours (UK)
The Johnny Reece Show : Sunday 25th February 2007 :
Roxy Music - The Numberer
The Monks - Nice Legs, Shame About Her Face
Lambchop - You Masculine You
Syndicate Of Sound - Little Girl
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Everything I Cannot See
Nancy Sinatra - Last Of The Secret Agents
Sparks - There's No Such Thing As Aliens
Rita Chao & The Quests - How To Catch A Girl
Halflight - Lose The Lasso
Malcolm McLaren (feat. The Zombies) - Without Her (She's Not There)
Emiliana Torrini - Today Has Been Ok
Madness - One Better Day
The Kinks - Celluloid Heroes ('Live')
Max Romeo - Wet Dream
Randy Newman - I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It)
David Bowie - It Ain't Easy
Heather Nova - Maybe An Angel
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Charm School
Marvin Pontiac - I'm A Doggy
The Clingers - Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight
T.Rex - The Street And Babe Shadow
Gilbert O'Sullivan - At The Very Mention Of Your Name
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - 69 Annee Erotique
Splinter - Costafine Town
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Understand
Mercury Rev - The Funny Bird
Dean Martin & Hazel O'Connell - How D'ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning ?
And that's it Zoneheads, until midweek, when I will have updated March 2007 Schedules for you.
And if it's your Birthday too, have a happy one !
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