Saturday, January 12, 2008

No Sky/RTI - please go to our Pod as back-up

9.30pm Saturday night update :
Yes, we know, we know - but thanks to Stevie B, Peter (well, both Peter's), Sjaak, Renee, PK & Sue, Lydia, Katerina, and Julia - so far ( !! ) - for letting us know that the AZ Show isn't on RTI once again. Can I please point you to our own Pod - you'll find the Gil Legine Show on there right now - and of course it will be on shortly via Radio Seagull too - who now broadcast us 6 times per week. We'll start to publish the Seagull Scheds here too, in future.

Apologies - it's completely out of our control.

Meanwhile, if the same fate happens to the Johnny Reece Show on Sunday 8pm, we will ensure it's on our own Pod at the same time, so it'll be there for you to hear in one form or another, at the scheduled time.

Thanks for being on the ball and letting us know so promptly !

Our Pod (where you can always hear all of our current Programming) is at :

Thanks again Zoneheads,