Monday, August 31, 2009

Into September we bound...

Hi Zoners.
one of those long holiday weekends here in the UK. But have we lazed ? No no !
Just time to tell you of the Album Zone programmes ready for your ears this coming week, via Radio Seagull (

Tonight, Monday, it's a repeat of the Barry de Foyle 'Piano Special'. Missed it the first time ? Well, catch it tonight ! It's there for your delectation, at 8pm UK time, via

Tomorrow, we bound into September, and a brand new programme, and brand new presenter for you, as Lady Samantha takes to the airwaves. Say hi to her ! As ever, it's a 8pm, via Radio Seagull. Then, on Wednesday, Johnny Reece returns to his usual timeslot.

Later this week, an extra Album Zone programme begins, as our resident Scotsman presents 'Johnny Reece's Album Zone' via replayradio, at
Saturday night at Midnight is the time, repeated the following Monday at 8. But oh, we'll remind you of that at the weekend, naturally !

Have a great week everyone...