Friday, July 14, 2006

Katrine says...

Ah now, it's the cool Swede's turn. We've had many Profiles, Questionnaires etc from all the Album Zone Presenters way back in February and March, so we thought it was about time we asked the delectable Katrine the self same questions, to see what comes up. And here's what we got :


Why are you involved in The Album Zone ?

Don't tell anyone, but I paid Johnny Reece £1000 to get in...

What's your favourite colour ?


What's your favourite sweets ?

I've got a hang-up on chocolate, but I don't wanna talk about it (trying to get over it), so can we please move on...

Favourite Food :

You won't believe me when I say porridge, but it actually is right now, especially with bananas.

Least Favourite Food :


What do you want to be when you grow up ?

I don't plan to grow up.

Choose ONE word to describe yourself :


What could you not live without ?

My laptop (which I'm buying in August)

Who could you not live without ?

No one. But I'm not alone, I'm with myself.

What's the greatest Single ever made ?

Let's Leave - The Plan

What's the greatest Album ever made ?

Anthology - The Ramones

If you could change something about yourself, what would it be ?

Bigger lips... It would make it easier to drink from bottles.

Do you love Custard ?

No, but I love Mustard.

Favourite subject at School :


Least favourite subject at School :


Favourite Football Team :

Sweden, of course !

Favorite Cheerleader team :

I dunno, but my favourite writer is Luke Rhinehart.

Mode of Transport :

Tubes scare me so much.

IQ :

Enough... I think?

Colour of Socks :


Favourite Pet :

The dog Brian in Family Guy.

Favourite Smartie colour :


Favourite flavour of Crisps :

Don't like crisps, so I choose chocolate if that's alright?

Favourite Places :

Barcelona, Regents Park, Mum's kitchen, and Brighton.

You are moving to the Moon, but you are allowed to take just THREE personal possessions with you.

What would they be ?

My CD player, my favourite jeans and a guitar... time to learn!

Best Friend :

I have 3 Sisters who are always there for me.

Worst Friend :

Why keep a bad friend?

Best TV Programmes ever :

Oprah Winfrey. Perfect sleeping pills.

Best Films ever :

Everything with America, coincidentally.

Like Team America, American Psycho and American History X.

Best Radio Programmes ever :

Stupid question. The Album Zone with Johnny Reece of course !

Best Song Lyric ever :

Damaged Goods with Gang of Four :
"Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you, but I know it's only lust...."

Best advice you've ever been given :

Don't piss on the streets, look for some grass, otherwise your legs will be all wet.

Worst advice you've ever been given :

Too cool for school.

Final thoughts :

Pete is innocent!