Thursday, September 21, 2006

Album Zone 'Live' Programmes - Schedule

Ok, ok, I know what's happening now.
Bit of a last minute chaos thing today, hence not being able to tell you of the sudden 20.00CET 'Live' start tonight - although, bless ya, various Zoneheads were there in evidence, as many emails, texts, and Skypes came through. Thanks to Steve, Rhonda, Jia, Kirstin, Fawn, Babes, Al & KT, Steve R., Jim & Susie and many more for tuning in and saying Hi, tonight.
The next few days 'live' Scheds of the Johnny Reece Show, on and Sky 0195, direct from Slovakia, are looking like this :

Friday 22 Sep : 19.00 UK, 20.00 CET. 2 Hour Programme. (Smoochy Soul for a change !).
Sunday 24 Sep : 20.00 UK, 21.00 CET. 2 Hour Programme.
Monday 25 Sep : 20.00 UK, 21.00 CET. 4 Hour Programme.
Tuesday 26 Sep : 19.00 Uk, 20.00 CET. 1 Hour Programme.

To get in touch whilst the Programme is running :

Email :
Skype : rtipoprad
SMS : 0907 417 497 (outside Slovakia +421 907 417 497 - and it's standard rate !).

After that, we allege normal service will return.


Not sure when, as yet...

Thursday, and I have no idea when I'll be on air tonight - not sure how the Scheds are going, but I'll find out later. Could be 8pm, 9pm, 10pm... whatever.
The reason for that is a big conference presentation of sorts happening, and I've been asked to help on the sound desk for that - so all that has taken up a bit of priority, this afternoon.
If I get time, I'll post the 'on air' time as soon as I know. Otherwise, just tune in and keep listening !