Saturday, August 15, 2009

The week ahead on AZ...

Greetings Zoners,
a little update for you on the week ahead on AZ, for 17th to 23rd August 2009.

As ever, you'll hear us on air Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, at 20.00 hours (UK time) each evening, via Radio Seagull - at
This week, Richard Bismarck kicks off proceedings on the Monday, then Barry De Foyle graces us with his latest themed opus on Tuesday, a 'Piano Special'. Don't miss it ! Our 'man from the Foyle' is just getting into his stride with his themed shows, so do give him a listen.
Back in his usual spot on Wednesdays, it's another brand new programme from Johnny Reece.
What's Johnny got for us this week ? 'Not telling you', he said. Ah, well.

The following week sees more newies up and coming, from our man in Copenhagen, the irrepressible and frankly outrageously tall Gil Legine, and the Derbyshire Bard, Mr. Simon G.

Looking further ahead, the 'Woodstock Special' to mark the Anniversary, is now in production, hosted by our very own Rich Phoenix.
All these, and more, will be in your ears soon.
We are hoping to have the Punklicious Zoe back at some point too, but oh, she's a busy girl.
Gigs, Books, you name it, she's there ! You'll see Zoe pictured above at one of her recent book signings. Got her book yet ? Why not ? Get it !
'Typical Girls ?', The Story Of The Slits, by Zoe Street Howe, is available now. Recommended !

As for other AZ programmes dotting around the globe, don't forget that the Radio Seagull shows Monday through Wednesday are repeated, Friday through Sunday respectively, at 02.00am too, particularly for our Stateside and Canadian friends, as that'll be evening time for them.
See, we think of you too !
Add to this, our shows are aired every weekend, by WCRV in Lake Ariel Pennsylvania, and Hesser College Radio in Manchester, New Hampshire. Thanks guys !

Possible chat, gossip, rumours and suchlike of 2 possible new Presenters hitting the Zone airwaves, come September, continue to float around.
If that comes to pass, we'll let you know. Be patient !

As ever, thanks to all of you for your support.

J at AZ