Tuesday, May 09, 2006

PODCASTING : The Album Zone on demand !!!

Bonsoir Mes Ami,
big news today - sorry, BIG NEWS TODAY, (that's better) as we are pleased to announce that Album Zone Podcasting has hit the planet. It's something we have been planning secretly in silence in a darkened room for a little while, particularly since the demise of the 'doing our normal programmes' ideal via Live 365 was hit by a lot of little old men in suits with new rulebooks and very little else to do. So, here we go...

As of now, you can have The Album Zone on demand. In your ears, when you want. That ok ? Good.
We have 10 hours of The Album Zone in cyberspace, and we will change those files over every 2 weeks, for new ones, old ones, special ones, whatever we like really.

All you've got to do is go to the link below, choose what you'd like to listen to by clicking on the appropriately named Programme, hit 'play', and it's all yours. Whenever you want. It's that simple.
It's on an improbable URL, so we suggest you keep it in your bookmarks, or just remember to return to us here at the Blog for the direct link to the Programmes.
Podcasting right now, up to and including 22nd May 2006, are the following AZ Shows :

Nick Saloman Feb 2006, part 1 (1 hour)
Nick Saloman, Feb 2006, part 2 (1 hour)
Reecey & Rich in NJ, Apr 2006 (2 hours)
Andy Miles Apr 2006, part 1 (1 hour)
Andy Miles Apr 2006, part 2 (1 hour)
The Final 'Live from London' 365 Show, Apr 2006 (2 hours)
Richard Bismarck Apr 2006, part 1 (1 hour)
Richard Bismarck Apr 2006, part 2 (1 hour)
These will be updated on the 22nd/23rd May 2006, with new additions to the Podcast with Programmes from Gil Legine, Zoe Street, Johnny Reece, Katrine, and Rich Phoenix, and some special AZ 'Vintage' Highlights.

Just click on the following link, and you're there : http://www.4shared.com/dir/391612/be81ca22/sharing.html

Enjoy !

Johnny Reece & Steve Lloyd, The Album Zone

email : thealbumzone@yahoo.co.uk
Blogspot : http://thealbumzone.blogspot.com
Podcast : http://www.4shared.com/dir/391612/be81ca22/sharing.html