Saturday, June 24, 2006

You win some, you lose some

Mickey McBias reports :
Hey, so I was right (eventually). Germany are through, as are Argentina. It did look for a while as if Germany were going to steamroller Sweden, but ended up 2-0. Argentina meanwhile, really had a fight on their hands, before disposing of Mexico after extra time.
Oh, and spare a thought for AZ's newest recruit, the fabulous Katrine, who, on the one hand, saw not only the country of her birth knocked out of the World Cup today, but also saw both of her teams eliminated from our very own AZ Sweepstake. On the other hand, today was the first time her debut AZ Show was aired via RTI, and on Satellite all over Europe. A day of mixed emotions, indeed.
Steve Lloyd reports that there's another show from Katrine coming up, and we also have the return of Zoe Street this very week...