Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sundays Soiree

Well ding my thang, and put the kettle on. Again.

It's time (almost) for one of those musical soirees... 8pm tonight, if you will, thats UK time. The rest of you in other timezones will just have to work it out.
I'd say WWW.RTI.FM is the place to be at 20.00 therefore, or, for those of a Sky Satellite disposition, by all means point your ears in the direction of channel 0195 at 8pm.
Ok ?
I'll have a varied selection of nonsense for you this evening, such as superb new music from a French Band called The Teenagers, the brilliance of Eddie Cochran, the nostalgic-but-not-really-sound of The Bristols featuring Fabienne Delsol, a touch of Heather Nova, and oh, so much more...

Please make it if you can. I'll set a place at the table for you.
Otherwise, you can catch it on the Pod from late tonight, and I'll just serve you up any potatoes that may or may not be left over. Feast your ears.

Johnny x