Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Return Of The Elfin Swede

Hello all, and welcome to another Blog. So, there we were, just minding our own business last night at AZ Towers, editing, sorting out tracks, listening to music, when in breezed a beautiful Swede to brighten our evening.
Ah yes, Katrine has returned from Sweden where a holiday (mixed with attending a Music Festival) has kept her busy for a week or so. It's fabulous to have her back. She arrived clutching a batch of CDs, ready to pounce on the Studio for the second of her shows for The Album Zone.
The new programme will be up on the Pod next week - don't miss it ! Following that, Katrine's new show will air on RTI ( and on Sky Satellite channel 0195, on Saturday 15th July, at 22.00 hrs (UK time).
Repeats will be aired 2 weeks later, via Radio Seagull and Radio Waddenzee, in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, to this coming Saturday night, 1st July, and Gil Legine will be on air to keep you company.
This is the latest show from the Tall Cool One, recorded at his new base in Copenhagen.
Meanwhile, the Johnny Reece Show will now be on RTI and Sky, every Sunday evening, at 8pm UK time.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Mickey McBias reports : World Cup 2006 :

So, we are down to the last 8. It's Quarter-Finals time. In the last couple of days, Italy disposed of a very unlucky Australia via a 93rd minute Swan Lake dive which the Italians are so very good at. Then Switzerland and Ukraine fought out a pretty good snore-fest of 0-0 after extra time, which the Ukraine eventually won 3-0 in a penalty shoot-out. I blame the Swiss, they're so damn negative, and so neutral of course that they clearly thought they'd better not concede or score a goal in normal time, just because that's the way they are. I'm glad they're out. The Ukrainians tried hard to break them down, but couldn't, and was happy when they won on penalties to go through. Ironic that the Swiss never lost a game, never conceded a goal, yet they are out.
That's what negative play does - you get what you deserve.
Ukraine have a bit of a Rockstar in their ranks too, and I reckon Man Utd should sign him. Maxim Kanilichenko is his name, he currently plays for Spartak Moscow, and is a Beckham style player, takes all free-kicks, corners etc.
Watch out for him. He looks like he could have been a member of Abba - you can't miss him.
Brazil overcame Ghana, who were unlucky, although perhaps lack of finishing skill is more the true factor.
Ghana have had a fabulous World Cup though, exceeding all expectations. Finally, Spain v France, and yes, Spain have done it again, again, yet again. It happens every time. They look great, a real threat, and look as if they 'might just do it' this time, then they screw up. To be fair, France deserved to beat them, 3-1, although the cheating by Thierry Henry was inexcusable - especially from a player like him, who is usually very sporting and fair. He got a Spanish player booked, and got the free kick which France scored their second goal from (which was never a free kick in the first place). Hmmm. Still, you get what you deserve, and as much as I love the French, perhaps they have a bit of karma coming right back to them immediately, as they face Brazil next.
So, the Quarters look like this : Germany v Argentina, England v Portugal, Italy v Ukraine, Brazil v France.
Biggies, all of them. I'll stick my neck out here and plump for Argentina, England, Italy, and Brazil to be in the Semis...

Mickey McBias

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Return Of Punkbaby

Hello all,
Sunday at AZ Towers, and we are happy to report the return, today, of Punkbaby. That's Zoe Street, to you all.
She's been a busy girl, but in she breezed in that heartbreakingly devastating way late this afternoon, to spread her musical gospel around the world, via The Album Zone. And, she'll be back, on a much more regular basis.
Her latest 'Pogo Sessions' from today, will be broadcast worldwide on the Net from RTI, and on Sky Satellite channel 0195, on Saturday 15th July (10pm, UK time). The show will also be repeated worldwide by Radio Seagull, and in northern Netherlands by Radio Waddenzee (1602 AM) on 19th July, and 2nd August.
We'll publish the playlist of the show right here, on the night it airs via RTI, 15th July.
What was that you said ? You can't wait that long for the show ? Oh, alright then.
It's on the Pod for you, right now.
Welcome back, Punkbaby. We've missed ya !

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Mickey McBias reports : World Cup, 25th June 2006 :

What a strange old day. In a reasonably dismal match, England scraped through against Ecuador.
Into the quarter-finals they go, without really getting into gear. But could that be a good omen ?
What surely is a good omen for them is they'll face Portugal who will be without around 3 of their best players, 2 of them being sent off in tonights match versus Holland. Oh, Holland had 2 sent off too. And how many yellow cards were there ? Ermm, 14, I think. Or was it more ? An absolute travesty, and possibly the worst display by a referee that I have ever seen. I feel desperately sorry for both sides, I really do. Sure, it was a niggly affair, but certainly not dirty like so many South American shenanigans that we've all seen. If FIFA had the guts, they'd scrap some of those cards tonight. They won't, of course. But that ref should be sent straight home, to never take charge of a professional game again. The football was flowing, exciting, fascinating. In the end it could have been about 9-9, with the number of chances there were. It was a fabulous game, spoilt by a very crap referee.
Oh well. So, the Portugese march on, 1-0, with a weakened team, mind, to face England, next Saturday.
Maybe England not 'getting into gear' (as voiced by a million pundits and so many of their fans) may not seem to matter at all.
We'll soon find out - but it does look like a splendid opportunity for England to reach the Semi-Finals.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

You win some, you lose some

Mickey McBias reports :
Hey, so I was right (eventually). Germany are through, as are Argentina. It did look for a while as if Germany were going to steamroller Sweden, but ended up 2-0. Argentina meanwhile, really had a fight on their hands, before disposing of Mexico after extra time.
Oh, and spare a thought for AZ's newest recruit, the fabulous Katrine, who, on the one hand, saw not only the country of her birth knocked out of the World Cup today, but also saw both of her teams eliminated from our very own AZ Sweepstake. On the other hand, today was the first time her debut AZ Show was aired via RTI, and on Satellite all over Europe. A day of mixed emotions, indeed.
Steve Lloyd reports that there's another show from Katrine coming up, and we also have the return of Zoe Street this very week...

Friday, June 23, 2006

AZ Sweepstake : Update

So, there we have it. I told you so ! The French and the Swiss make it through to the last 16, and it's time for an AZ Sweepstake update. If you remember, 16 people, 2 teams each, when it all began.
Well, it's now been halved, and we're into the last 16 in the World Cup, but who remains in our sweepstake ?
A full list below, of who's still in the pot for a major prize, and their sweepstake teams that remain, if any...

Johnny Reece : Ukraine, England
Katrine : Mexico, Sweden
Peter from Denmark : Germany
Steve A.Z. Page : Spain
Rich Phoenix : (none - teams eliminated)
Nick Saloman : Ghana, France
James Barclay : Italy, Australia
Marianne from Hull : Brazil
Richard Bismarck : (none - teams eliminated)
Andy Miles : Switzerland
Fawn from Chicago : Ecuador
Steve Lloyd : Argentina
Steve Siren in Leicester : Portugal
Zoe Street : (none - teams eliminated)
Rhonda from Germany : (none - teams eliminated)
Gil Legine : Holland

Now of course, we are down to the knock-out stages, so teams will be eliminated pretty quickly.
Sympathies to James Barclay, because even though he has 2 teams remaining, they play each other !
On the other hand, this means he'll definitely have one representative in the quarter finals.
Now we'd better begin to think of a prize !
On the prediction front, I expect, from the weekend matches to come, to see Argentina, Germany, and England all qualify. The Portugal v Holland match is a tough one to call, but I have an inkling the Dutch just might edge it.

Mickey McBias

Ghana joy, as others Czech out

Mickey McBias reports on a day of surprises :

Congratulations to Ghana. Can you believe it ? Through to the second stage of the World Cup, after beating the USA today, 2-1, though the result that really did it for them, was the 2-0 beating of the Czechs, just days before. We shouldn't be too surprised, after all, many of the players nowadays of such teams like Ghana, Ivory Coast etc, do play for the top club teams in the world in the likes of Italy and Spain.
But a fantastic achievement for them none the less, on what was a very tough group to try to qualify from.
Well, Ghana through to the knockout stage. That's the good news for you. Oh, the bad ? Well, you play Brazil next, so keep those packed suitcases on standby, lads.
Italy got through against the Czechs, and their exit is probably the biggest shock so far. They were nailed on semi-finalists for most people, but it just didn't happen for them this time, and the loss of 2 of their strikers to injury was something they couldn't recover from, despite having who I believe is the best midfield player in the world in their ranks. He may look like an extra from Abba, but Pavel Nedved is a fantastic player.
Tonight, Croatia and Australia bludgeoned out a 2-2 draw, and well done to the Aussies for making it through because of that, and they have a tough task against Italy next.
The Brazil match against Japan reminded me so much of the Brazil v Scotland match a few World Cups back.
Exactly the same thing happened, scorewise. Back then, Scotland took the lead early, as Japan did tonight.
Joy, oh joy.
Trouble is, that upset the Brazilians. You could see it on their faces. They all had a 'how DARE you score against us' look on them, and you feared they would step up a gear, bring their amazing skills to the fore (and show off a bit at the same time) whilst trampling you into the ground, just to teach you a lesson for being so damn cheeky in the first place. They did. About 30 minutes later the Brazilians led 4-1.
They did exactly that to Japan tonight. The Brazilians have indeed found that extra gear that we speculated must be there, somewhere. Japan though, played some great football along the way, and I'm sure they will be more of a force in years to come. But for losing 3 goals in the last 7 minutes to Australia the other day, it could have been different for them. So, off home early they go, along with Croatia, and the USA.
Tomorrow, there could be an even bigger shock. France need to win, and win well, against Togo, or they are out. Anything else isn't good enough. I still expect the Swiss and the French to progress.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Johnny Reece Show - tonights playlist

Hello all, here is tonights playlist from the Johnny Reece Show, broadcast at 22.00 hrs (UK time) via, on AM and FM throughout Central Europe, and on Sky Satellite channel 0195.
This programme will be repeated on Radio Seagull and Radio Waddenzee (Netherlands) in July, and will also appear on the Album Zone Pod as from tomorrow, 22nd June 2006.

Playlist as follows :
Sparks - When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way' ?
Josh Rouse - Princess On The Porch
Neneh Cherry - Hornbeam
The Film - Can You Trust Me ?
David Bowie - All The Young Dudes
White Rabbit feat. Jane Birkin - Take Me I'm Yours
Black Box Recorder - The Facts Of Life
Crackle - All I Want Is You
Divine Comedy - To Die A Virgin
France Gall - Bonsoir, John John
Mercury Rev - Spiders And Flies
Timo Maas feat. Brian Molko - Pictures
Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday
Colin Blunstone - Misty Roses
Thievery Corporation feat. Emiliana Torrini - Until The Morning
Barry St. John - Hey Boy
Roxy Music - Pyjamarama ('Live')
The Cars - Why Can't I Have You
Metric - Police And The Private
Ian Hunter - My Revolution
Jean Martin - Save The Last Dance For Me
Pamela Blue - My Friend Bobby
Beautiful People - If 60s Were 90s
Creature - I Don't Want To Fall In Love
Malcolm McLaren - In The Absence Of The Parisienne
Warren Zevon - They Moved The Moon

Johnny has requested to RTI, to move his Programme to Sunday Evenings, at 21.00 CET (which is, as I'm sure you know, 20.00 hrs / 8pm UK time). Much more civilised ! RTI were happy to agree.
This change will take place during July - we'll let you know when the changeover occurs. So, it's a double-header in reality, with The Album Zone on a Saturday night, and Johnny Reece on a Sunday.

Mickey McBias reports : World Cup Stories...

So, the biggies march on. The teams already qualified before the final group match did take the opportunity to use up all their squad players, with not very interesting results. However, Argentina go through to play Mexico, how many Yellow/Red cards in that one, do you think ? Holland face Portugal next, that's a biggie.
Funny thing though, whilst watching Argentina v Holland, a thought crossed my mind. Could this be a rehearsal for the Final to come ? Time will tell.
But, as the World Cup rolls on, strange, funny and true stories appear. I love these sort of things.
Widely reported today, are, literally, thousands of supporters complaining of drinking (watch out - some people could be offended here) what they can only describe as 'watery piss'. This did make me laugh.
You see, the problem is, one of the sponsors, therefore, the Stadiums are filled with their, ermm, 'product', is the one and only Budweiser.
Now, there's a thing. You have to remember that the likes of the Germans and the Czechs are there. These people know how to make beer. Proper beer. Then they go into and around the stadiums, and the choice is Budweiser.
The standing joke that thousands of supporters are now saying, is that they are selling Budweiser at all the venues in an attempt to keep drunkenness down. Sometimes the best jokes turn out to be the most true !
If you've sampled real Beer, then have to drink fizzy chemical weak stuff, you'll know exactly how they feel.
Onward and upward.
Two fascinating days to come, with all sorts of permutations still to be decided.
Will the Italians scrape through ? I expect so. Will the Czechs fall without their strikers, and let Ghana in ? Or could the USA turn it all around against Ghana and squeak through if the Czechs do fail ? All of these questions and more, will be answered tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Flexing their muscles

Mickey McBias strikes again :

So, the big teams begin to flex their muscles, at last. Well, sort of. Spain safely through, and tonight, Sweden too, to join England, Germany, Ecuador, and the rest. Germany simply brushed aside an Ecuador side who rested 5 of their top players. The England v Sweden game was good, perhaps Sweden wasted a few chances in the second half, before going behind and then showing us the late late show again, to snatch a 2-2 draw, which they deserved.
The African threat of recent years has simply not materialised this time - if anything, maybe it's gone slightly in reverse, which is a shame.
I am slightly disappointed though that England don't face Germany next. The competition needs a huge match like that in the next stage. But, England v Ecuador it will be, and Germany v Sweden. Both former teams mentioned there, should go through ok. Lots of big deciders still to come over the next few days, as the final games are all played simultaneously, for each group in question. Then we are down to the last 16.
If it's goals you wanted, perhaps you would have initially looked a lot further than Group H containing Ukraine, Spain, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia. But, 4 games so far, 4 goals in each game. Can't be bad.
The closest group, as we go into the final matches, features Italy, Czech Republic, Ghana, and the USA.
I do fear for the Czechs, I think they may well be overtaken at the last knockings. I do hope not, as they are so good to watch. But, it would be nice to see Ghana there. Time will tell.
And of course, France have to beat Togo in their final match. Or, it's au revoir, chaps. I expect them to get through.
As I seem to have been cast as a sports reporter, can I just mention the start of Wimbledon next week. Happily, it looks as if Serena Williams won't be there, which is such a bonus. I had never seen a tennis player dressed like she was 4 years old before yet thinking it still looked good, but Serena does it every time. It is usually one of the most laughable things on a tennis court I have ever seen.
I like Sharapova, except, please madam, lose the grunting (or at least, use it on more appropriate occasions). With the women players, I guess I should support Mr Reece's favourite, Maria Kirilenko.
She's probably not good enough to win it, but if I don't support her then JR himself will throw me off my sports reporting job, I fear. Tim Henman should get a few hopes up and then dismally fail ('bravely', apparently) but our hopes are with Andy Murray. However, a couple of matches of over 3 hours and the poor lad seems to collapse. Feed him some more haggis, and he'll be fine. Can't see much past Federer, who is so efficient it's frightening.
Oh, and after Wimbledon and holiday time, I'll retire from reporting until the footie season begins again in August, where I will have a round of outrageous predictions. You have been warned.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Sunday at AZ Towers

One of those editing, processing, paperwork days. Don't ya just hate em' ? All done now though, with half an eye on the World Cup proceedings at the same time too (more from Mr McBias on that below...).
Andy Miles newie is up on the Pod, as is the new programme from Gil Legine.
More news that's unfit to print when we have it. Now over to Mickey...

Mickey McBias speaks : World Cup 18 June 2006 :

Funny old game. (Sorry, used that one before).
Japan and Croatia fought out a slightly tedious 0-0, so we'll skip by that one.
Next up was Brazil, and would they get in gear this time ? The answer is yes, just about, 2-0, eventually. Still not a shadow of what we expect, and the Aussies did give them a hard fight. I felt a bit sorry for the Aussies, as their tenacity deserved something. But, they still have a chance of going through.
The evening game was a bit of a shock, especially for the French. For the first time in years, they looked up for it, the old swagger was back, and they led 1-0 from early on. A dreadful refereeing mistake prevented it from being 2-0 as it should have been, which I think the French will now feel rightly bitter about. But, they just couldn't nail the South Koreans after that, who never stopped plugging away, and threatened and threatened, until the ol' late show happened again, with minutes to go, the Koreans grabbed an equaliser. So, 1-1 it finished, and the French world cup hopes will be in tatters, unless they can beat Togo in their final game (which they should, but you never know...). Shocks are beginning to occur, that's for sure. Within days the final Group games are upon us, and I'd bet there are still a few surprises in store...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

AZ Playlist - Saturday 17th June, via RTI

Hello all,
here is last nights playlist for the Richard Bismarck Show, broadcast worldwide via, on AM and FM in Central Europe, and pumped merrily into 8 million homes in Europe and beyond on Sky Satellite channel 0195:

Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
The Kooks - Eddies Gun
Franz Ferdinand - Fade Together
Brian Eno - No One Receiving
Sparks - Perfume
The Upper Room - Black And White
Be-Bop Deluxe - Blazing Apostles
Metric - Glass Ceiling
Elbow - My Very Best
Fairport Convention - Autopsy
Crowded House - Skin Feeling
Blondie - In The Flesh
Duke Spirit - Cuts Across The Land
Creaures - Right Now
The Delays - Too Much In Your Life
Louis XIV - Illegal Tender
Raconteurs - Level
Daniel Agust Haraldsson - The Gray
Peter Gabriel - Mother Of Violence
Richard Thompson - Hide It Away
Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me Not To Come
Zutons - You've Got A Friend In Me
R.E.M. - Electron Blue
Cat Stevens - Where The Children Play
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - When I Was A Child
No Doubt - Just A Girl
X-Ray Spex - Germfree Adolescents
Dandy Warhols - All The Money Or The Simple Life Honey

A few future Scheds for you :

Every Wednesday night at 22.00 (UK time) on : Johnny Reece Show

Saturday 24 June at the same time, same place : The Katrine Show,
1st July - Gil Legine Show, and 8th July - Andy Miles Show.

We are also aired via Radio Seagull, worldwide from the Netherlands ( for 6 hours every Wednesday evening, beginning at 18.00 hrs (UK time) and on Radio Waddenzee on 1602 AM in Northern Europe, simultaneously.

Oh, and can I recommend a Blog to you which we came across here, in the office, quite by chance ?
Absolutely love the writing in this, highly amusing, and we are following this girls progress in New York City here at AZ Towers, with great interest. It's fab to read ! Do check it out. A few other links to fave things and recommendations to follow over the next few weeks, between various World Cup mayhem days.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and the Downright Stupid

Mickey McBias is not amused : 17th June 2006 :

Let's start with a football cliche : "funny old game".
It certainly is, and, if we didn't have shock results before now and wondered if or where they would surface, then wonder no more. It all kicked off today, if you'll excuse the pun.
Let's begin with what was expected though, as Portugal beat Iran 2-0, and therefore booked their place in the last 16, with a match to spare. No surprises there.
Later, a remarkable match, and it was as if the two teams who played it out were somehow completely reversed in attitude and style and skill, to their first games of this tournament. After all, the Czechs were expected to breeze past Ghana today, no-one really thought otherwise, especially the way the Czechs had previously brushed aside the USA with ease, and Ghana had previously lost to Portugal, creating little in the process.
But football isn't like that.
Ghana came out storming, and were ahead within 2 minutes. Frankly, they completely dominated proceedings, and the crucial strikers injuries that the Czechs now have, means trouble for them. The team I had high praise for just days ago, were a shadow, and could now be 90 minutes away from a surprise exit. Eventually Ghana won 2-0, but oh, oh dear. It should have been 5 or 6, and they missed a penalty too, and I wonder just how much the missed chances will cost them in the end. A 3-0 win would have put them into 2nd place in the group. They deserved at least that. The 2-0 they got, keeps them 3rd. That could be so vital, with one match left, and, fantastic though the victory was for this Ghana side, those misses could cost them dear. I hope not, because the display they put on earlier today is deserving of what would be a miraculous second stage place.
Now, to the 2 teams who played tonight, and deserve nothing more to get a huge kick up all their arses and bundled on the first planes home. I fear one (maybe both, god forbid) could, miraculously, get through to the next stage, after this poor excuse for a football match at the highest level. Italy v USA. This had to be seen to be believed. Italy were clear favourites, and, sure enough, went 1-0 up within about 20 minutes. All looked good for them to qualify today, and it looked as if the USA were indeed exiting very quickly. But, yes, funny old game.
The Italians aren't known for giving too many gifts away on the football pitch, but they then handed out presents to the USA like it was Thanksgiving, Christmas, and July 4th all at once. Within 5 minutes, a horrendous mistake led to Italy deflecting one into their own net. It was very unlucky, and that's an understatement. But, 1-1 it suddenly was. The next gift was 2 minutes away, as a vicious elbow meant the Italians were down to 10 men, less than half an hour gone. I guess the USA couldn't believe their luck ! Well, this was their chance, one man extra, tails up, and they could push for victory. Ah, but no. What did they do ? In the space of the next half an hour or so, they managed to get two (yes, TWO) of their own men sent off. Suddenly, all advantage gone, a man down, and it petered out over the next 45 minutes or so into a bad tempered, ugly stalemate. 1-1.
Nothing would please me more to see both these teams eliminated in the final matches in a few days time, because of tonights match.
Cheating, dangerous tackling, diving, it was all here. Actually, the Uruguyan ref was dreadful too, he didn't help matters by clearly not being able to handle it. As much as I love Italian food, and the American people, sorry, but your football completely sucks. And the behaviour of your players too.
As much as I would like to see the Czechs and Ghana go through, it would need to be a certain set of results in the next round for this to happen. For Ghana to make it, they will probably have to beat the USA. That is by no means certain, as their tails will be up after grabbing a point tonight. And, it looks like the Czechs would have to beat Italy, which I just can't see, as all their top strikers are currently nobbled. What a strange day. Oh well, I guess it was about time a few surprises, shocks, and red cards entered the fray, and that day was today.
Usually, we expect that from the South Americans, but they had nothing on this show tonight. Add to that, the Italians had a perfectly good goal ruled out for offside. Poor officials, or should I say poor linesmen, is becoming a feature of this World Cup. So, 3 red cards, and I did wonder at one stage if we would be going down to 5 a side. Actually, that would have been fun.
Tomorrow sees France take centre stage again, and if they cannot see off South Korea (which won't be easy) then it's hometime for them, I would think. They have to get their act together, and quickly.
Brazil play Australia in the afternoon, and the Aussies are a tough side, so I can see a lot of Brazilians being carried off on the stretcher then jumping up in full recovery mode about 10 seconds later, a-la Italian cheat-style. I'll be watching with interest.
We're getting into the crucial stages now, and a lot of the so called 'big' teams aren't performing. Yet.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Seems like it's Holiday time

Quiet times at AZ Towers. Richard Bismarck is off on hols (we don't know if it's a barge thing, or Norway, as yet) and Mr Barclay is, we think, doing a barge thing, sometime around now. Andy Miles has been popping away the odd weekend (mainly business actually, but for this Blogs sake we'll call it a holiday) and Mr Reece has a couple of weekends lined up, one in 2 weeks or so, in Ireland, to see that band again.
Nick Saloman has been abroad gigging every now and then, and Zoe Street has been down to the southwest, family style. Our new pixie Katrine is back in Sweden bopping at festivals, and returns next week. Gil Legine isn't on holiday though because he's too tall. Rich Phoenix isn't on holiday, as yet.
Add all this up and we're doing very well to keep the flow of new programmes coming in for our various broadcast outlets, which we now supplement with vintage things too, for the Pod. We still work hard, really !

Mickey McBias World Cup Report : Fri 16th June :

Ok, I was nearly right. The Argentinians and Holland did make it through, but Mexico slipped up at the hands of Angola. The group is still fairly wide open, though Portugal are faves in this one. Mexico may regret dropping points tonight, as they would have been straight through otherwise. They now have a final tricky match.
As for Argentina, well, wow. Steve Lloyds sweepstake choice, and Johnny Reece's prediction of next World Champions long before the tournament began (despite the bookies saying they are 4th favourites - and remember, the bookies are seldom wrong). But I bet the odds shortened considerably after yesterday.
Argentina thumped Serbia 6-0, in a frightening display of efficiency. Serbia played so well in the previous match, but didn't get a chance this time. Argentina were fabulous, although I can't see any other team giving them this much space again. They were very impressive though. So, with one match to play, Serbia will be off home anyway, as will the Ivory Coast, beaten (just) by a Holland side who really haven't impressed, as they should.
As for Saturday, I expect the Czechs to beat Ghana (although I think this will be a great match, a great clash of styles) and Italy, if in the mood, should ensure an early USA exit. Portugal should beat Iran, but must be wary.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another late, late show...

The Mickey McBias report : World Cup : 15th June 2006.

See, I was right ! Late show stuff, which makes it all the more exciting.
Firstly though, congratulations to Ecuador, who are the surprise team of the tournament so far. They were the first team to qualify for the next stage, after brushing aside Costa Rica. This, in turn, put Germany through too.
Later, England booked their place, but left it late. 2 goals in the last 7 minutes saw them defeat a stubborn Trinidad and Tobago, 2-0. Even the English commentator described it as a 'huge embarrassment' with 10 minutes to go, when it was 0-0. But, T & T are a good side. And, they can still qualify, though need a whole lot of luck and things to run for them (and against others) for that to be the case, as Sweden beat Paraguay 1-0 tonight, a last minute goal doing the trick. Sweden are almost there.
So, England will face either Ecuador, or Germany, next. The plot thickens.
A few pundits on TV tonight did question Englands first goal, and a camera angle tonight showed scorer Peter Crouch was able to outjump the defender by so much, by pulling him down using the defenders pony-tail.
This is a very good reason (amongst millions of others) for men not to have pony-tails. It's not big, and it's not clever. You are not girls. Grow up.
Nothing wrong with Englands second goal though, an absolute peach from Gerrard.
And Wayne Rooney returned, although clearly not match fit as yet, after sharing at least some of the pies with Brazil's Ronaldo. Tomorrow, I expect to see wins for Argentina, Holland, and Mexico respectively.
It's been an excellent World Cup so far.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Johnny Reece Show - tonights playlist

Here is the playlist from tonights Johnny Reece Show, broadcast around the world on, and on Sky Satellite channel No. 0195 :

Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hangin’ On
Cockney Rebel - Hideaway
Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Pink Floyd - Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk
Pentangle - Light Flight
The Concretes - On The Radio
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Chariots Of Silk
Etienne Daho & Charlotte Gainsbourg - If
Blossom Toes - Postcard
Paul Brady - Nobody Knows
The Cramps - What’s Inside A Girl
King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King
Roxy Music - Nightingale
Kate Bush - The Man I Love
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Suspicion
Mystery Jets - Horse Drawn Cart
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
R.E.M. - Leave
World Party - All The Love That’s Wasted
Mike Scott - Beatles Reunion Blues
10.CC. - Don’t Hang Up
The Freshies - I’m In Love With The Girl On A Certain Manchester Megastore Checkout Desk
Warm Sounds - Birds And The Bees
Burning Love Jumpsuit - Cheerleader
The Orb (feat. Rickie Lee Jones) - Little Fluffy Clouds
Murry The Hump - Kebab Or Shag ?
Matt Monro - On Days Like These

World Cup Report, 14th June 2006, with Mickey McBias...

What a difference a day makes. Three great games today. Firstly, I'll tell you about Tunisia v The Saudis, with the former being the favourites, who were 1-0 up for a while, then the Saudis fought back to lead 2-1, and it looked like they'd take it. But one thing this World Cup has shown within the first week alone, is that it's often a late, late show. Late goals a plenty in recent days, and this proved to be the case again, as 2 minutes into stoppage time,Tunisia grabbed an equaliser, and that's how it finished, 2-2. That in turn threw Ukraine a lifeline, who, earlier in the day, were comprehensively thumped 4-0 by Spain. The Spaniards were good, and Ukraine were awful - very surprising. Spain have become known as the 'nearly' team of so many World Cups, but today shows, perhaps, they may mean business in 2006. It's about time. Those games finished off the first games in every group, and tonight began the second set of matches, as the hosts Germany took on Poland, who had a such a poor showing last time out, against Ecuador. This was enthralling, it really was. Germany were on top for the most part, and it looked as if Poland were going to scrape a point in this, what I thought was the best 0-0 match I've seen for many, many a year, when - wait - it's the late late show again, as the hosts snatched a sensational 91st minute winner. They deserved it, truth be told. I feel very sorry for the Poles, who, barring some sort of miracle, look to be heading home early. But they do have themselves to blame in a way, for their performance just days before - that did the real damage. So, Germany are all but through to the second stage after the late 1-0 win over Poland, barring some strange results and mathematical miracles over the next few days.
I expect England to secure their 2nd round place tomorrow too.
And even after a whole week, Scotland are still unbeaten - not even a goal conceded yet.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bit average today wasn't it ?


All a bit disappointing today. I would never have thought that with former world champions taking the main stage in 2 games, that the best action of the day would come from the 3rd one, especially as it was South Korea v Togo, but there you go. Poor little Togo, not training for days after a financial dispute, their manager walking out, and the Prime Minister coming to see them to try and calm things down. All this before their first match. Then, just to upset the odds, they go 1-0 up. Remarkable. However, a player sent off, and then they were under the cosh, and the South Koreans won 2-1 in the end.
I am happy to announce to the world though, that an amazing scientific breakthrough occured today, in the World Cup. A cure for insomnia. Just get a recording of the first half of France v Switzerland, and I guarantee this is enough to send anyone to sleep. Very quickly. It was abysmal. The second half wasn't much better.
0-0. The worst match so far, by a country mile.
If they were still playing now, some 7 hours later, it would still be 0-0, I'm sure.
Then the Samba Boys hit town tonight, like a big yellow and blue damp squib. They beat Croatia 1-0, fair enough, in a 5 second flash of brilliance. But that's all they had. Croatia had more flair, more fight, and on the 3 occasions they should have equalized, it went straight to the Brazil keeper. I am still not sure whether to consider this unlucky, or just plain not good enough. However, score against Brazil, and usually they step up a gear and hit you straight back. I would have liked to see Croatia score just to test this theory once again. I still expect both Croatia and Brazil to make the next stage. Brazil can only get better. Ronaldo ate all the pies, and was substituted in the second half, to go and get some more. As for France earlier on, socks up lads, or it's back to la maison before you can say 'merd' !

In AZ land, don't forget that the Johnny Reece Show hits your ears, worldwide, tomorrow evening, via on the Net, and on Sky Satellite Channel 0195, at 10pm UK time. The full playlist will be published on this Blog just after the show.

Monday, June 12, 2006

It's just like Abba all over again...

Hello all,
nice to see that you listen to what we're saying, as I'm happy to say the Swedes top the charts once again, as many of you made a beeline to the Pod to hear Katrine make her debut on The Album Zone.
More to come from our little Swede in weeks to come.

Meanwhile, with the World Cup Day 4 report, here's Mickey McBias...

Day 4, and no great surprises, although we have seen the biggest win/defeat of the tournament so far, as the Czechs systematically demolished the USA very easily, 3-0. I thought it may be closer, as the Czechs had 2 top strikers out, and are the oldest team in the tournament, but midfield players such as Pavel Nedved (pictured above, needless to say, the one on the left) did some damage. What a fabulous player. Wish he'd sign for United !!! But strikers ? Who needs strikers when Nedved conquers all, and Rosicky pops up with a couple of splendid strikes. Probably the best 3 goals I've seen so far. Time will tell whether they will miss their 2 strikers, Koller and Baros. As for the USA, they were very poor and predictable, and with Italy up next for them, their players better start booking long summer holidays, because it's an early plane home for them, I'm sure.
Also this evening, Italy beat Ghana 2-0, the difference in class was evident even though the scoreline maybe wasn't. Ghana looked good for about 30 minutes, but as so often with African teams, it's guile they lack, particularly around the opponents penalty box. A good first showing, though. But to be honest, it's between them and the USA for bottom place in the group. This afternoon, I thought I was just about to get my 1-1 Aussie prediction spot on against Japan, until they had the cheek to score 2 goals in the last 2 minutes to claim a 3-1 victory. The Aussies did deserve it though, but I felt for Japan, who led 1-0 until just 8 minutes from the end, but then collapsed. And what's to come ? Well, Brazil tomorrow night, looking forward to that, though a tough starter for them against Croatia. No doubt the cameras will home in on many 'Bra-zil' supporters, and by the pic above, who can blame them ? A carnival atmosphere guaranteed. I expect South Korea to dispose of Togo, and France should overcome the Swiss, although they are much improved themselves. I'm loving the tournament so far, good games aplenty, but no real, real shocks yet, I guess they are still to come.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Of Pods and Footie...

Ah yes, a happy Sunday to you all, from AZ Towers.
Firstly, let's talk about programmes. After all the requests we have had in recent times about putting more 'Vintage' shows up on the Pod so people can find out more about us (whoah, a dangerous idea) we have relented and there is now a great selection there. Shows from the turn of the millenium for a starter, and we even throw back to 1968 with a very young student hipster called Rich Phoenix.
New shows abound too of course - do check it out.
And, as promised, we welcome the sweet Swede to our midst, as the debut show from Katrine also appears.
This show will also be aired on RTI, on Saturday 24th June, Sky Satellite at the same time, and Radios Seagull and Waddenzee on 28th June and 12th July. Lots of interesting musical choices, particularly Swedish ones, so do check out our little blonde pixie (she'll hate that remark !).
More from Katrine when she returns in a couple of weeks after a brief visit home to Sweden.
Send us a postcard !


World Cup Report Day 3, with Mickey McBias :

A quiet day really. No sensations, as the 3 stronger teams expected to win today, did just that.
The word 'just' is a good one to use, though. Holland scraped a relieved 1-0 against a dogged Serbia side, relief for the Dutch as they are in the toughest group by far. I expect both the Dutch and Argentinians will be happy if both have qualified for the next stage before meeting face to face in their final group match. I expect this to happen.
Mexico saw off Iran with 2 late goals, and Portugal laboured a little against Angola, though the gulf in quality was there to see. Portugal did look good, and can move up several notches if they have to.
Tomorrow should be interesting, as we see the USA for the first time, up against the tough Czechs. Whether the USA have improved or not will be tested for sure. I expect the Czechs to shade it. Italy make their first showing too, traditionally slow starters. And Australia will find Japan a lot tougher than they think. Having said all that, my predictions may be rubbish ! But I can see wins for the Czechs amd Italy, although the Australia v Japan match is a really tough one to call. Most matches so far, in the first 3 days, have been excellent, and it's all just warming up nicely. Still to come later this week of course, Brazil, France, et al...


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saturday AZ Playlist, and World Cup 2006 - Day 2 (biased)

Special World Cup report, from your reporter, Mickey McBias.
Well, 3 matches today, 2 good ones, and a dreadful borefest. The borefest first, which was the England v Paraguay match, which was a surprise. I think everyone expected excitement, goals goals goals and skill.
I know I did.
Not quite like that in the end. But funnily enough, England do have the luck of the Irish as they say, as they seem to be the only team in World Cup history who, after 90 minutes, are clear leaders of their group without managing to even score a goal. Their opponents did it for them. Boy, will they be happy tonight. A 1-0 win against a Paraguay side who I think I could have beaten on my own. Paraguay were awful. Trouble is, they brought England down with them, which was a shame. We all know England can move up several gears, and will have to at some stage, but Paraguay cannot. In the end, England looked easy winners despite the fact it was a 3rd minute own goal which separated the sides. I do think if England had played a better team, they would have been a lot better themselves. There's always a couple of bore matches, but you never know when they are going to occur. Strangely enough, one of the best matches so far, ended up a 0-0 draw, earlier tonight. But it was fascinating, very exciting, and quite how Sweden didn't manage to beat Trinidad & Tobago despite camping for most of the match in their penalty box, I'll never know. I expect they're still trying to work it out themselves. Great to watch though, but a real blow for Sweden, who haven't won now in 7 matches, all told.
It doesn't look good for them.
Finally, Argentina beat Ivory Coast 2-1 tonight in a splendid spectacle. The crisp passing and skill of the Argentinians was a joy to watch, and for a while, it looked as if they would run riot. But they didn't - took their foot off the pedal, as they so often do, and let the lads from the Ivories back in. They played well, the Ivories, and are much more skilful that I gave them credit for before. They will give the other teams in the group some problems, I'm sure. But they'll need to do it quickly, or they are heading home. Another good match, that's 4 out of 5 now, and that's a good average, just 2 days into the competiton. There's 3 to come tomorrow, and I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Holland.


Back to AZ land, and here is tonights playlist from the Rich Phoenix Show, broadcast via and across Europe and beyond on Sky Satellite channel 0195 :

The Troggs - Give It To Me
ZZ Top - Sleeping Bag
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Downtown
Sheryl Crow - If It Makes You Happy
Tony Joe White - Good In Blues
Fleetwood Mac - Dragonfly
Beach Boys - You're So Good To Me
Buddy Holly & The Crickets - Rave On
The Eagles - Already Gone
Blondie - Dreaming
The Pretenders - Talk Of The Town
Lightning Seeds - Pure
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
Ramones - Judy Is A Punk
Paul McCartney - Another Day
Cat Stevens - Bitterblue
Inxs - Need You Tonight
Argent - Hold Your Head Up
Bo Diddley - Pretty Thing
Lyle Lovett - Record Lady
Simon & Garfunkel - The Only Living Boy In New York
Jonathan Richman - Nineteen In Naples
Hall & Oates - Kiss On My List
Spin Doctors - Two Princes
Rolling Stones - Can You Hear The Music
U2 - The Unforgettable Fire
Stevie Wonder - Sweet Little Girl
Peter Gabriel - Big Time
ELO - Sweet Talkin' Woman

Oh, loads of things up on our Pod, as we've majored in finding some 'Vintage' for you in the last week or so.
Lots from 1999 and 2000, from Gil Legine, Nick Saloman, and Johnny Reece. We've even dug out a Rich Phoenix Show from 1968 ! It's true ! These all sit alongside brand new programmes from Johnny Reece, and Richard Bismarck. Newies to come in the next week or so too, from Andy Miles, Rich Phoenix, and Katrine.
Don't miss them ! Keep an eye on the Pod, as we're now changing the playlist around every 2-3 days.

Thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Friday, June 09, 2006

AZs Completely Biased World Cup Report - Day 1

Ah, so it has begun. All the talk is over, and the World Cup 2006 is upon us. Strange though, how the talk lasts for the preceding 4 years, but the competition itself is over within a month.
For many teams, their dreams and hopes and aspirations can be over in a couple of games.
Well, 16 of the 32 competing will be going home shortly, and this time I hope for a few surprises.
But it's strange, how bias and poor media reporting creep through unnoticed - by the country that's doing the reporting, I mean. Only outsiders see it - and I count myself amongst them, so I do have a unique viewpoint.
Does this happen in other countries ? Do tell.
I have witnessed it so many times in the preceding few weeks - and the reason I can spot it, and be annoyed with it, is because - yes - I do have a unique stance on this.
Born in Scotland, to an entirely English family (the only one, I was, to be born 'up north').
Half my life spent in Scotland, half in England. My loyalties, country-wise, lie with Scotland.
Why ? I really don't know. Maybe it's an underdog thing. Maybe it's because I grew up there.
Even more bizarrely, I've spent all my life supporting an English Club Team, although not the nation itself.
So, yes, I get annoyed with bias, because I've grown up, able to see both sides of things clearly.
At times such as these, it does rankle. I've heard so many news reports of 'who England's opponents will be in the second round'. Hmm. Yes, I'm sure they'll make it through, they have fantastic world class players and should breeze it. But stop a moment. At the time of writing this, they haven't even played a first round match yet, never mind thinking of the second round ! Presumption is a dangerous thing in football.
But I blame the media, who drive the fans on, usually to crazy false beliefs, rampant racism, and finally, ultimate disappointment. The London Standard tonight, read by many millions of Londoners, reported a '£1 billion British Bonanza' on the front page, with sales of England scarves, flags, hats, you name it.
Ermm, hang on. Why is that a 'British' bonanza ?
It's English.
You see, England thinks it is Britain. Not quite sure just how many people failed geography in these parts, but it does seem to be an awful lot.
It works the other way at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, which I noticed last year.
Tim Henman was, as ever, 'England's best hope'. Andy Murray, from Scotland, was an 'upcoming Brit'.
Ermm, did you notice something there ? Hmmm. Not many people would, but because I can see both sides of it, then I can spot it immediately. My god, it's no wonder some people want independence.
I await with interest to see, if in later stages of the World Cup, if the usual stereotypes of racism rear their head here. They usually do. If England play Germany, the war will be mentioned approximately every ten seconds (it has already, I've seen it on the news tonight, and England haven't played yet !). If it's Argentina, it's the Falklands of course. And so on. I often wonder if this is deep rooted, some sort of inferiority complex since the crash of the old Empire or something. Funny old world.

And, you know, being a footie fan, I'm always disappointed that the worlds biggest sporting event, that only comes around every 4 years, ends up with a measly 32 teams in it. What's that about ?
Even European Club competitions start off with more teams involved than that. Every single year !!!
Because now, it really is about political correctness.
So many have to be chosen, rightly, from Africa, Oceanic region, Asia, the Americas, Europe.
What the final 32 do show is a fascinating, brilliant mixture, and so it should.
But let's be honest - they are not the best 32 in the world. Never will be.
Whilst in the smaller regions, qualification can mean 2 or 3 games, and hey presto - congratulations - you're in the next World Cup, lads - poor old Europe has half of its Countries cut out of the equation before we even begin, just so there ends up being a 'fair mix' of cultures in the end. Hmm.
Many European Countries get stuffed in a group of about 7 teams, with just 1, maybe 2nd place in that group if you are lucky, actually allowed to make the finals. The rest of you? Oh, sorry chaps - you ain't in it, but we have to put a few Countries in that you've never heard of instead. Sorry 'bout that.
Surely there's room for double the norm - 64 teams, say, not just 32, as this is, as they call it, 'The WORLD Cup', and it's only every 4 years after all. Just a thought.
And no, I'm not saying that because Scotland ain't in it this time (again - but I'm well aware they'd go out early anyway !) but it really is the pinnacle for so, so many footballers, to play in Finals such as these.
It is their dream. Look who hasn't made it this time - great teams which are so good to watch, the likes of Romania, Columbia, Peru, Denmark, Russia. There are many more.
What's going on ? Make this world event bigger, for goodness sake ! It doesn't happen often !
Sure, it's a 'World' Cup, yes, but it could be so much bigger. And here's a frightening thought, which absolutely proves my point. Who, I believe, was the worlds greatest footballer (and many agree, to various extents) was the great George Best.
He never got the chance to play in the World Cup Finals. At all. You see my point now.
Mind you, at least it's not like the 'World Series' in the States, where no other country (ermm, except the States) is actually competing. Not quite sure how anyone can be 'world champions' by only playing against teams from their own country, but there you go.
It's a strange, and frighteningly insular old world sometimes. And we'll see many instances of it, in Germany this year, over the next few weeks. But I hope good footie wins the day. It usually does. And I love it.

But let's look at what has happened so far. Day 1.
Germany kicked the whole thing off earlier, with a fabulous match against Costa Rica. 4-2.
Touch and go for a while, but it really was entertaining, and they thoroughly deserved their victory.
The match tonight, Poland v Ecuador, was expected to be quite a run of the mill affair, with Poland surely brushing aside the 300-1 Ecuador outsiders. But no, nothing of the sort.
First day, first shock, as Ecuador claimed a deserved 2-0 victory, despite the Poles having quite a penchant late on for hitting the woodwork. I like the Poles, but they just didn't get going. They'll have to produce in their next match, which, unluckily for them, is against Germany. I think it's an early homecoming for the Poles once again.
Tomorrow will be fascinating. England should, by rights, brush aside Paraguay, but - then again, look what Ecuador did tonight. Take nothing for granted.
I'll be fascinated to see Trinidad and Tobago. 1500-1 the odds, to win the tournament. Don't place your bets.
Argentina play tomorrow too, and I really do think they look the part this time. No fanfare, no shouting 'we'll do this, we'll do that', they've just got on with their preparation, slowly and efficiently.
They are expected to, frankly, take The Ivory Coast apart. Many predict a goal rush.
I will be surprised if it's anything less than that.

But what of later in the competiton ? The betting, as of today, is very interesting.
I was very, very surprised to see my tip, Argentina, being only fourth favourites.
Germany third favourites, because they are the host country. But their defence is a problem, if only at the moment. That was plain to see earlier tonight.
Brazil are the usual favourites, with England just behind as second favoirites now.
I do wonder if it will be the usual story of always the bridesmaid, never the bride, for the likes of England, Italy, and Spain. Yet again.
I do love this tournament though. Maybe I should run for FIFA President or something, and get this tournament to be a huge, proper affair of 64 teams.
Mind you, most countries would grind to a halt whilst all the TV coverage was on !

My predictions were, well, 'average' today. I said Germany 2-0. It was 4-2.
I said Poland 2-0. It was 0-2. Shall I stick my neck out for tomorrow ?
Ok then. England to beat Paraguay, at least 2-0.
Argentina to beat Ivory Coast, say, 4-1. Sweden to beat T & T, say, 2-1.
Don't put your money on any of them though !
Back to normal AZ service shortly, with biased World Cup reporting creeping in along the way.
It's a 'life Blog' after all. We'll report on anything. Even Stop n' Shop Potato Chips.
(Which have all been eaten now, by the way).

Johnny McReece

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Johnny Reece Show via - tonights playlist

Bonsoir all, here is the playlist from tonights Johnny Reece Show, broadcast via around the world, AM and FM throughout Central Europe, and on Sky Satellite channel 0195.

Jimi Hendrix Experience - Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
Mellow - Perfect Colours
The Beatles - Norwegian Wood
The Kinks - Lola (original withdrawn version)
The Purple Gang - Granny Takes A Trip
Telepopmusik - Don't Look Back
Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps - Jumps, Giggles and Shouts
Canned Heat - Let's Work Together
Ezio - Cinderella
Springwater - I Will Return
The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Mary Lou Lord - She Had You
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - The Last D.J.
Jane Birkin & Bryan Ferry - In Every Dream Home A Heartache
The Doors - The Wasp (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)
Spencer Davis Group - Gimme Some Lovin'
Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble - The Vanishing Breed
Tim Hutton - Wisdom And Pain
David Gilmour - On An Island
Bettye Lavette - Let Me Down Easy
Emiliana Torrini - Wednesdays Child
The Shangri-las - Past Present and Future
The Yardbirds - Shapes Of Things
The Waterboys - The Return Of Jimi Hendrix
Stephane Pompougnac feat. Michael Stipe - Clumsy


Monday, June 05, 2006

A new dawn for RTI... and The Album Zone !!!

South Beam - Astra Satellite

North Beam - Astra Satellite

Hello all,

Monday 5th June 2006, and RTI have their EPG number on Sky Satellite, meaning a further 8 million people or so can tune in at the simple click of a button. It's Channel number 0195.

Got Sky ? Then check it out.

The 24/7 Internet Broadcasts still remain of course, together with the AM and FM frequencies throughout Central Europe. All tuning details are on their website, at

The Album Zone programmes via RTI, are on, as you probably know, on both Wednesday and Saturday nights.

All our programme schedules will be published on this Blog too, and the playlists, and details of where our other programmes are aired, for instance, Radio Seagull and Radio Waddenzee (Netherlands).

Well done RTI !, and particularly to Eric Wiltsher, who made all of this possible, and insisted he wanted firstly the Johnny Reece Show, and then more Album Zone too, on RTI.

Good on ya !

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's an AZ Sweepstake

Ok, so it might be a bit of a daft idea. But we're good at those, so let's keep going. After a chance conversation today here in AZ Towers, we decided a World Cup Sweepstake was in order. We'd put a bunch of names into a hat (well, an envelope actually) which were made up of AZ Presenters, AZ friends, and the names of the most recent AZ listeners to contact us, sort of. That kind of thing. Still with me ? Good.
In the other envelope, the 32 teams taking part this summer.
Each person gets 2 teams. The winner at the end of the competition (bear in mind this finishes on July 9) will get a prize. We don't know what yet. But we were a bit bored today whilst PCs and Studios were doing things like uploading and defragmenting and things like that, so this idea passed the time. So, even if you are not particularly interested in the World Cup, or your team isn't taking part (sorry Johnny !) but your name is on the list below, then you've got 2 teams you can cheer for. Ok ? Great.
On the prediction front by the way, I, Mr Steve Lloyd, think Brazil will win the competition. A certain Scotsman called Johnny Reece (helping me make this sweepstake draw) thinks Argentina will be World Champions.
We shall see.
Ok, here goes, and we're typing this out as we actually make the draw, so it's all coming out of the envelopes, in the exact order you will see below... !
Persons name first, then your 2 teams, and you're stuck with them. So, off we go...

Johnny Reece - Ukraine, England
Katrine - Mexico, Sweden
Peter from Denmark - Germany, Paraguay
Steve A.Z. Page - Saudi Arabia, Spain
Rich Phoenix - South Korea, Croatia
Nick Saloman - Ghana, France
James Barclay - Italy, Australia
Marianne from Hull - Serbia and Montenegro, Brazil
Richard Bismarck - USA, Japan
Andy Miles - Togo, Switzerland
Fawn from Chicago - Ecuador, Ivory Coast
Steve Lloyd - Argentina, Tunisia
Steve Siren in Leicester - Iran, Portugal
Zoe Street - Angola, Trinidad & Tobago
Rhonda from Germany - Czech Republic, Poland
Gil Legine - Costa Rica, Holland

Good luck !
And can I just say, that I drew the names, and Johnny Reece drew the teams.
The look on his face was priceless when he drew England out.
He immediately demanded a re-draw ! I said no.
So, the winner gets a prize. We'll think of something before July 9th, I'm sure...

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Friday, June 02, 2006

Saturday Night Playlist - Richard Bismarck Show

Hello all,
here is the playlist for Saturdays AZ Show via RTI ( presented by Richard Bismarck :

The Zutons - Why Won't You Give Me Your Love
The Kooks - Time Awaits
B52s - Roam
The Animals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Louis XIV - God Killed The Queen
Vive La Fete - Claude Francois
Elbow - Station Approach
I Monster - Sunny Delights
Cardigans - No Sleep (Thatstore)
PJ Harvey - One Line
Hal - Keep Love As Your Golden Rule
Al Stewart - The Year Of The Cat
The Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing
Dread Zeppelin - Heartbreaker
Patrick Duff - Refrigerator
The Zutons - The Little Things We Do
Ezio - Perfect
Hawkwind - Quark, Strangeness And Charm
Royksopp - So Easy
Daniel Agust - The Moss
Sandie Shaw - Girl Don't Come
Architecture in Helsinki - Do The Whirlwind (Thatstore)
Sparks - As I Sit Down To Play The Organ At The Notre Dame Cathedral
Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen
Moa - Virtual Affair
Emiliana Torrini - Honeymoon Child
The Piglets - Johnny Reggae