Friday, June 16, 2006

Seems like it's Holiday time

Quiet times at AZ Towers. Richard Bismarck is off on hols (we don't know if it's a barge thing, or Norway, as yet) and Mr Barclay is, we think, doing a barge thing, sometime around now. Andy Miles has been popping away the odd weekend (mainly business actually, but for this Blogs sake we'll call it a holiday) and Mr Reece has a couple of weekends lined up, one in 2 weeks or so, in Ireland, to see that band again.
Nick Saloman has been abroad gigging every now and then, and Zoe Street has been down to the southwest, family style. Our new pixie Katrine is back in Sweden bopping at festivals, and returns next week. Gil Legine isn't on holiday though because he's too tall. Rich Phoenix isn't on holiday, as yet.
Add all this up and we're doing very well to keep the flow of new programmes coming in for our various broadcast outlets, which we now supplement with vintage things too, for the Pod. We still work hard, really !

Mickey McBias World Cup Report : Fri 16th June :

Ok, I was nearly right. The Argentinians and Holland did make it through, but Mexico slipped up at the hands of Angola. The group is still fairly wide open, though Portugal are faves in this one. Mexico may regret dropping points tonight, as they would have been straight through otherwise. They now have a final tricky match.
As for Argentina, well, wow. Steve Lloyds sweepstake choice, and Johnny Reece's prediction of next World Champions long before the tournament began (despite the bookies saying they are 4th favourites - and remember, the bookies are seldom wrong). But I bet the odds shortened considerably after yesterday.
Argentina thumped Serbia 6-0, in a frightening display of efficiency. Serbia played so well in the previous match, but didn't get a chance this time. Argentina were fabulous, although I can't see any other team giving them this much space again. They were very impressive though. So, with one match to play, Serbia will be off home anyway, as will the Ivory Coast, beaten (just) by a Holland side who really haven't impressed, as they should.
As for Saturday, I expect the Czechs to beat Ghana (although I think this will be a great match, a great clash of styles) and Italy, if in the mood, should ensure an early USA exit. Portugal should beat Iran, but must be wary.