Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sundays action...

Oh, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...
Not really, but I'm late with the update, and I think you know how it is. All that rushing about pre-Xmas is a familiar tale in the Lloyd household.
I even made some sparklingly fantastic errors initially, in the middle of last night, with the naming and labelling of Pod shows. Luckily, the Gilster spotted it rather promptly, and let us know in time for it to be fixed today. Oh, the chaos !
Talking of the Pod, by the time you read this, three brand new shows will be up there, as a special early Xmas present to your ears. Or not, depending on your point of view. Tell us !
Uploaded today, newies from Andy Miles, Gil Legine, and Johnny Reece.
They are at :
We were hoping to have newies too from the likes of Pixie and Cupcake, but both of them seem to have gone awol before Xmas. Stolen by elves ?
The New Year (hang on, we haven't had Xmas yet !) will bring some more goodies too, we assure you, with not only the promise (well, the 'threat') of new Presenters, but newies too from Rich Phoenix, and a special musical departure or two from the Punklicious Zoe, which we're all looking forward to.
Ok, on to tonights Playlist, from the Reecey Soiree...
The Johnny Reece Show : 16th December 2007

Department S - Is Vic There ?
Yonder Boi - Padabam
Family - In My Own Time
REM feat. Q-Tip - The Outsiders
Sparks - Batteries Not Included
Sparks - Whippings And Apologies
Robbie Robertson - The Code Of Handsome Lake
The Toys - A Lovers Concerto
Amy Winehouse - Me And Mr. Jones
Ian Hunter - Who Do You Love
Roger Bunn - Road To The Sun
Roxy Music - Ladytron
Pink Floyd - Echoes
Eels - That's Not Really Funny
Rolling Stones - Memory Motel
XTC - I Can't Own Her
Dusty Springfield - Just A Little Lovin'
T.Rex - Sitting Here
Timo Maas feat. Brian Molko - Pictures
Have a great week everyone, and thanks, as ever, for your support.
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