Saturday, October 03, 2009

Autumnal meanderings

Greetings Zoners,
and Autumn Hi's (highs ?).
Time for a little update on what we have for your ears, as we head into October.

One thought was troubling me - where are the Welsh ? I mean, here we are, this coming week, with the Scots, English, and Irish all represented on the Zone. Funnily enough, none of them are currently residing in their countries of birth. The Scotsman is in England, The Irish Girl also, and the Englishman is in Denmark. Are we all runaways ?
That would explain so much.

No matter, on to the shows in hand, which kick off tonight as Johnny Reece settles in to the chair at midnight (gallons of tea by his side, naturally) for 2 hours, globally, via Replay Radio.
Where to go ?
Ah,, just click right there ! Midnight, UK time tonight, Saturday.
If you are silly enough (sleepy enough, drunk enough, etc etc) to miss the proceedings at midnight tonight, it's repeated there, Monday night at 20.00 hours.
All times mentioned are UK. If you're somewhere else, get a fancy world clock !

Now on to our good friends in the Netherlands, and we speak, of course, of Radio Seagull.
Let's kick off with the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday proceedings.
All brand new shows for you on Seagull this week, too !

20.00 hours is the time, UK, each evening, via

Monday : Gil Legine is back, with his usual varied selection of Album goodies. Be there !
Tuesday : Lady Samantha has her second outing on the Zone. Settling in slowly but nicely.
Wednesday : Johnny Reece, with his Wednesday soiree...

So, you have all the details, no excuses, ok ?

Up and coming in forthcoming weeks, newies in production from Simon G, Rich Phoenix, and Barry de Foyle. Oh, and everyone else, if truth be told.
Rumours too, of a quick return, should time allow, from our Punkbaby, Zoe.
Ms Z has been so busy of late with her authoress career, but hankers after the odd Zone time, let me tell you. We had a discussion on this, at her place just the other day, whilst sipping tea and scoffing jellybabies.
This is what we do.

Looking further ahead, more 'themed' shows on the go, too.
One such spooky epic will be a Halloween flavoured soiree at the end of October, featuring our resident Scotsman. But there are many themes to explore, many themes to come.

Meanwhile, we'd like to take the opportunity of thanking Thatstore for continued support and sponsorship. They can be located at :

It only remains for me to say, enjoy the weekend, and keep it AZ !

J x