Friday, November 09, 2007

Punklicious and Two Of A Kind

Greetings, Zoneheads - wrapped up warm ?
We are, here. Winter dawns, quite suddenly if truth be told, but do we care ?
Not really - we are snuggled up, thank you very much, in the womb of our very warm and rather fabulous new-look Studio (yes, 'The Den' ) here at AZ Towers.
With all the work going on here recently, we will be taking a little time off from AZ duties this weekend... we deserve it !
But firstly, news to tell you of this weekends AZ Shows, springing out around the world, directly into your ears, with your permission, of course.
Saturday night sees the long awaited return of the Punklicious Zoe to AZ duties, and she will be punkin' and a-ska-ing' (such a word ?) around the world for you on Saturday evening, 21.00 hours UK time, via, and also on Sky Satellite into millions of homes across Europe and beyond, via Channel 0195.
Be there !
You'll hear from the likes of The Waitresses, The Specials, Tommy McCook, Joy Division, The Slits, and many more...
Can't wait ? Well, it's on our Pod, right now...
Sunday night, and it's the Scotsman's turn, as Johnny Reece takes to the airwaves. 20.00 hours it will be (UK time) via, and Sky 0195, Sunday, for what he is rather mysteriously calling 'Two Of A Kind'.
Ah, a themed Show once again, although what he means, we just don't know - yes, he's not telling us. Typical ! Tune in and find out what on earth he's on about, will you ?
In the meantime, we're having a quiet Friday here at AZ Towers, luxuriating in some rather good music, and some rather fine wine.
Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks, as ever, for your support.
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