Monday, August 14, 2006


Hello all,
we trust you are fine. A quick flick through the Scheds here for you, to briefly let you know what's up and coming on our various programme outlets, thus :

Saturdays via RTI, and Sky 0195, at 21.00 hrs (UK time) :

19th August : Richard Bismarck
26th August : Zoe Street
2nd September : Katrine
9th September : Johnny Reece & Andy Miles
16th September : Barry De Foyle
23rd September : Zoe Street
30th September : Katrine


Sundays via RTI, and Sky 0195, at 20.00 hrs (UK time) :

The Johnny Reece Show (every Sunday)


Wednesdays via Radio Seagull and Radio Waddenzee (Netherlands) at 18.00 hrs (UK time) :

Weds 16th August : 18.00-20.00 Andy Miles
20.00-22.00 Katrine
22.00-00.00 Johnny Reece

(more Wednesday Scheds to follow shortly...)


Thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone