Saturday, September 22, 2007

Uploading, and Schedules. Oh, and Carpentry.

'Bon Weekend', as they say, somewhere else.
It's been quite a week at AZ Towers. From one extreme to the other, with no new shows left in the can and panic ensuing, to emergency emails going out asking for Shows, and then swathes of newies coming in.
Suddenly, gladly, we're drowning in new Programmes. It's just what we needed, as none of the planned changes could be done at AZ Towers without having a back-up of Shows, as the main Studio would be down for a week or so, whilst the work was done.
All of that can be started now.
So, a few days of uploading, ftp'ing, transferring, you name it, sometimes 24/7, has been happening.
Now, below, you can see the fruition of that, with Schedules upfront for our outlets, and some new Programmes on our Pod, too, with more to come.
We've had all that, together with (occasional) upside down fish (long story, but he'll be fine), a continuation of niggling shoulder injuries, and perhaps the strangest, a great deal of carpentry to come, sawing and measuring, for a remade studio plinth, by people (who shall remain nameless) with no carpentry skills whatsoever.
Where's that Legine bloke when you need him ? He could build a house from a twig, we'll have you know.
So, it should be rather comical here. Let's hope, not too comical. We know what we want by the end of it, it's just the 'getting there' that might be a problem. However, we've a week to do it. Wish us luck !
There are a whole load of emails going out over the next few days, full of all the questions we have been asked by listeners, directed at our AZ stalwarts. When the replies come in, they will be answered here, although a great deal of them will be answered within the Programmes themselves. You have been warned !
Oh, and keep those questions coming.
I'm very happy to tell you, that 2 Presenters will be returning to The Album Zone.
Zoe Street, and Nick Saloman, will both be presenting new Programmes for us, in the forthcoming weeks.
Nice to have you back !
As for our Pod, we have 2 brand new Shows for you, already uploaded and straining at the leash to jump into your earlobes. Richard Bismarck and Barry De Foyle, are the culprits. Check them out !
By tomorrow evening, Sunday, these will be joined on our Pod by newies from Gil Legine, and Johnny Reece.
To this weekends Programming, and tonight, we are 'righting a wrong', which occured 3 weeks ago, on September 1st, when RTI had more than a few technical problems, in airing the whole of the Barry De Foyle Show. So, this is repeated tonight - hopefully this time, all of it !
It's via, and also on Satellite, on Sky channel 0195, at 9pm UK time.
Tomorrow, Sunday, at 8pm, same frequencies as above, Johnny Reece is back in the chair, in his usual weekly slot. It was a last minute rush to get this one done, in between all the uploading going on, that Johnny ended up having to record it close to the middle of the night. We are assured though, no yawning or extended 25 minute tracks for coffee breaks, are included. Or, so he claims !
To the Upfront Schedules, at last - here goes ! :
Programmes via, and Sky Satellite 0195 :
Sat 29 Sept, 21.00 : Richard Bismarck
Sun 30 Sept, 20.00 : Johnny Reece
Sat 6 Oct, 21.00 : Barry De Foyle
Sun 7 Oct, 20.00 : Johnny Reece
Sat 13 Oct, 21.00 : Gil Legine
Sun 14 Oct, 20.00 : Johnny Reece
Sat 20 Oct, 21.00 : Pixie !
Sun 21 Oct, 20.00 : Johnny Reece
Sat 27 Oct, 21.00 : Rich Phoenix
Sun 28 Oct, 20.00 : Johnny Reece
Sat 3 Nov, 21.00 : Barry De Foyle
Sun 4 Nov, 20.00 : Johnny Reece
Sat 10 Nov, 21.00 : Zoe Street
Sun 11 Nov, 20.00 : Johnny Reece
Sat 17 Nov, 21.00 : Nick Saloman
Sun 18 Nov, 20.00 : Johnny Reece
Sat 24 Nov, 21.00 : Andy Miles
Sun 25 Nov, 20.00 : Johnny Reece
Programmes via Radio Seagull, :
Mon 24 Sep, 18.00 : Johnny Reece (repeated 28 Sep, 02.00)
Tue 25 Sep, 18.00 : Barry De Foyle (repeated 29 Sep, 02.00)
Wed 26 Sep, 18.00 : Johnny Reece - Bolan Special (repeated 30 Sep, 02.00)
Mon 1 Oct, 18.00 : Johnny Reece (repeated 5 Oct, 02.00)
Tue 2 Oct, 18.00 : Gil Legine (repeated 6 Oct, 02.00)
Wed 3 Oct, 18.00 : Richard Bismarck (repeated 7 Oct, 02.00)
Mon 8 Oct, 18.00 : Johnny Reece (repeated 12 Oct, 02.00)
Tue 9 Oct, 18.00 : Pixie ! (repeated 13 Oct, 02.00)
Wed 10 Oct, 18.00 : Rich Phoenix (repeated 14 Oct, 02.00)
Mon 15 Oct, 18.00 : Johnny Reece (repeated 19 Oct, 02.00)
Tue 16 Oct, 18.00 : Zoe Street (repeated 20 Oct, 02.00)
Wed 17 Oct, 18.00 : Nick Saloman (repeated 21 Oct, 02.00)
Mon 22 Oct, 18.00 : Johnny Reece (repeated 26 Oct, 02.00)
Tue 23 Oct, 18.00 : Andy Miles (repeated 27 Oct, 02.00)
Wed 24 Oct, 18.00 : Barry De Foyle (repeated 28 Oct, 02.00)
Whew !
That just about covers it.
Just enough time to wish you all a great weekend.
Thanks, as ever, for your support, it is greatly appreciated.
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