Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Art Galleries, Slovakian Bands, and a 4 Hour Show...

Hello all,
it's the early hours of a Tuesday morning, and what a busy day it was, on Monday.
Nicely busy though.
I spent a lovely part of the day in the company of the lovely Majka, lead singer of a local Slovakian Rock Band, called Bluecat.
Needless to say, some Bluecat music will of course find it's way onto AZ Programmes shortly.
Their website is at www.bluecat.sk.

A greater part was spent in a local Art Gallery where she works, daytimes, which contained many excellent pieces of work and some fabulous photographs.
The gallery itself is housed in an old, now unused Power Station building - so it is a huge space.
More about the Gallery, in a Blog I will do when I return to London.

On to tonights Show, which was fun, although a reasonably tiring 4 hour 'Live' stint.
Nice to speak to the usual suspects, plus some new Slovak listeners who contacted me for the first time. We had some fun, running a few competitions, and the like.
I spoke to Ezio on air, and chatted all about the new Album, Tour, Gigs, and just about everything else. Great fun.
Later, I called up Zoe (Punkbaby !) at home, and we had a chat on air about future Pogo Sessions Programmes, and of course did an obscene amount of plugging for The Album Zone.

It is so nice to do 'Live' Shows again, though I will be the first to admit that it took me 3 nights to get used to a totally unfamiliar Studio. Once in my stride, I had a wonderful time, and now, I suddenly don't feel like going home.
Ironically, Eric (The Boss !) wanted me out here for a lot longer, but work calls, and I must return to London, on Wednesday. But, I will attempt a quick return to Poprad, if at all possible.

I will be on air at RTI for just 1 hour on Tuesday night, at 20.00 CET, will and return to the UK on Wednesday afternoon.
Thank-you to the regular Zoneheads for all the calls, texts, skypes etc, to the Programmes.
So good that you have been tuning in, every single night that I have been away.
Thank you !

Johnny Reece