Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Slovakia, and deserved days off !!!

To one and all, hello from Slovakia !!!
Just arrived a few hours ago, a bit tired and weary, as I was up until 2am preparing music I wanted to bring here, for the shows. Then, due to an early flight, I had to get up at 4am.
Something tells me it will catch up with me later tonight !
I'm in RTI as I write this, and pictured above, there's myself and Petra, followed by a pic of me with the Sound guys, Vlado and Ivan, and finally, me with the strikingly luscious Lucia.
As for tonight - I won't be guesting on Erics Show, as planned. In fact, there won't be an Eric Show tonight - he has decided our time would be much better spent this evening, going out for eats and drinks around the town. Sounds ok to me !
However, I am definitely on air, the evenings of Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday.
All of them 'Live' to the world, of course. And don't forget - Friday is the 'Smooch' Show.
More reports to follow soon !

milovat', Johnny xx