Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Return Of The Elfin Swede

Hello all, and welcome to another Blog. So, there we were, just minding our own business last night at AZ Towers, editing, sorting out tracks, listening to music, when in breezed a beautiful Swede to brighten our evening.
Ah yes, Katrine has returned from Sweden where a holiday (mixed with attending a Music Festival) has kept her busy for a week or so. It's fabulous to have her back. She arrived clutching a batch of CDs, ready to pounce on the Studio for the second of her shows for The Album Zone.
The new programme will be up on the Pod next week - don't miss it ! Following that, Katrine's new show will air on RTI ( and on Sky Satellite channel 0195, on Saturday 15th July, at 22.00 hrs (UK time).
Repeats will be aired 2 weeks later, via Radio Seagull and Radio Waddenzee, in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, to this coming Saturday night, 1st July, and Gil Legine will be on air to keep you company.
This is the latest show from the Tall Cool One, recorded at his new base in Copenhagen.
Meanwhile, the Johnny Reece Show will now be on RTI and Sky, every Sunday evening, at 8pm UK time.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Mickey McBias reports : World Cup 2006 :

So, we are down to the last 8. It's Quarter-Finals time. In the last couple of days, Italy disposed of a very unlucky Australia via a 93rd minute Swan Lake dive which the Italians are so very good at. Then Switzerland and Ukraine fought out a pretty good snore-fest of 0-0 after extra time, which the Ukraine eventually won 3-0 in a penalty shoot-out. I blame the Swiss, they're so damn negative, and so neutral of course that they clearly thought they'd better not concede or score a goal in normal time, just because that's the way they are. I'm glad they're out. The Ukrainians tried hard to break them down, but couldn't, and was happy when they won on penalties to go through. Ironic that the Swiss never lost a game, never conceded a goal, yet they are out.
That's what negative play does - you get what you deserve.
Ukraine have a bit of a Rockstar in their ranks too, and I reckon Man Utd should sign him. Maxim Kanilichenko is his name, he currently plays for Spartak Moscow, and is a Beckham style player, takes all free-kicks, corners etc.
Watch out for him. He looks like he could have been a member of Abba - you can't miss him.
Brazil overcame Ghana, who were unlucky, although perhaps lack of finishing skill is more the true factor.
Ghana have had a fabulous World Cup though, exceeding all expectations. Finally, Spain v France, and yes, Spain have done it again, again, yet again. It happens every time. They look great, a real threat, and look as if they 'might just do it' this time, then they screw up. To be fair, France deserved to beat them, 3-1, although the cheating by Thierry Henry was inexcusable - especially from a player like him, who is usually very sporting and fair. He got a Spanish player booked, and got the free kick which France scored their second goal from (which was never a free kick in the first place). Hmmm. Still, you get what you deserve, and as much as I love the French, perhaps they have a bit of karma coming right back to them immediately, as they face Brazil next.
So, the Quarters look like this : Germany v Argentina, England v Portugal, Italy v Ukraine, Brazil v France.
Biggies, all of them. I'll stick my neck out here and plump for Argentina, England, Italy, and Brazil to be in the Semis...

Mickey McBias