Friday, August 22, 2008

Catching up... and extra AZ on Seagull !

Where have you been ? Where have I been ? Oh, it's been a busy time. Right in the middle of traditional holiday time here, so it has been quieter than usual. However, AZ Shows abound, and we're happy to report than Radio Seagull, as well as airing us 6 times per week, are airing 3 hours extra Album Zone, this Sunday, from 14.00 - 17.00 hrs CET.
Our new friends at WCRV Pennsylvania seem to be happy, and now air us twice per week, Fridays and Sundays, at 18.00 hours, CET.

Lots of playlists to catch up on, but I will leave that for another time, and swamp you with them, all at once !
Great fun here at AZ Towers last Saturday, as we watched Johnny Reece on TV, in the Pop Quiz. He won, of course !

We've had one eye on the Olympics of course, which has been so enjoyable. Slightly tricky to catch things with the time difference, so a lot of catching up via highlights programmes has been the order of the day. And here's a funny thing. Look around the world, and you'll see that China has been at the top of the medals table for quite a while now - unless you are watching it in the USA - where they have put themselves at the top.
As far as we can make out, it's only the USA that do this - ah, that's democracy for you !
They do it with 'total medals won', as opposed to what everyone else does, which is Golds.
There was a very amusing radio programme I heard the other day, commenting on this, with various reporters from various countries taking part, and the wonderfully pointed comments going back and forth were a joy to listen to. They could have made am olympic event out of it, itself ! It finished up with a European reporter telling the US reporter that 50 Bronzes, are not better than 49 Golds. You get the picture. It was akin to listening to an argument in a nursery.
So, whilst there is healthy rivalry and deep respect between the athletes, it's left to the reporters to make complete asses of themselves. Marvellous !
It does, in reality, boil down to the fact that everyone wants to make their own country seem the best, in any way they can, even if it means bending the rules a little. Ah, sportsmanship is alive and well !
My only disappointment is missing both the semi-finals and final of the Women's Beach Volleyball Competition. And I mean that purely as a Sports fan, naturally.

Back to AZ land, and happy holidays to Zoe, who nips off to Iceland for a fortnight, at least.
Major music festivals and global events there as ever at this time of year, so we look forward to stories and tales on her return. She has left us with a couple of brand new programmes to keep us going, thankfully. Vicious rumours abound that Mr Bismarck is off and running too, though we don't know where yet. But we'll find out shortly.
Gil Legine meanwhile, returns to the AZ airwaves in September.
Up and coming this week on Seagull (you know the days and times by now, don't you ?) will be Simon G, and the Reecey and Zoe Show.
If you're in the UK, have a fine Bank Holiday weekend. Many, many people, as ever, take the opportunity this weekend to nip off to foreign climes, Paris, Venice, and Barcelona being the obvious favourites. This town is deserted !

Thanks, as ever, for your support,

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone