Thursday, August 10, 2006

Upfront Playlists, Joint Shows, and Pods...

Well mes ami, quite a lot to be going on with today.
Firstly though, a quick note to tell you that due to a combination of Holidays, other work, weekends away, oh, all sorts of things, this will be the last Blog entry until Monday or Tuesday next week (14th/15th August).

Therefore, we have all sorts of things happening in advance.

Like what ?, we hear you say.

The Leafy Glades :

Yes, AZ Studio 2 has been working overtime this week, as Johnny Reece nipped down to rural Hampshire to our second Studio, run by Andy Miles. And what a fine time was had by all. It did help that some fine Bordeaux was sunk along the way, but you'd expect that, wouldn't you ?
The upshot was, that a joint Programme was done. Now, this isn't due, officially, to be aired until 9th September via RTI, and 13th & 20th via Seagull, but hey, what the hell. As most of us are taking a break for a few days, we thought we'd air it early, via our Pod.

You'll find it there tonight !
Expect many reminiscences of Radio 6, and of former shows done for various Satellite Stations.

It was such fun.
More joint shows are planned too, very shortly...

Up and coming : A new Programme from Katrine is in the making, and in a couple of weeks, we also welcome back Rich Phoenix, with a series of shows for us.

Norwegian Jaunt : Back soon (we presume !) is Richard Bismarck, currently taking time off in the Fjords.
Tales from this to come shortly, we are assured, with some more new Scandinavian music too.

Gilster, where art thou ?
Now, where's that Gil Legine gone ? He's had a holiday or two recently, so we have sent out the tracker dogs to haul him in, and bring him back into line.


This weekends Album Zone Broadcasts :

This Saturday night via RTI ( and on Sky 0195, Andy Miles returns.
The Programme will air at 21.00 hours, UK time.

This Sunday night, Johnny Reece is in his usual slot, 20.00 hrs, via RTI and Sky.
As we're giving the Studio here at AZ Towers a rest this weekend, this too will be on our Pod early.

And, the Playlist for this Sundays 'Reecey Soiree' is below...

Johnny Reece Show : 13 Aug 2006 :

The Cure - The Perfect Girl
The Experimental Pop Band - Punk Rock Classic
John's Children - Desdemona
Masso Dietum - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Depeche Mode - Stripped
World Party - Another 1000 Years
Aztec Camera - Back Door To Heaven
Perry Blake - The Hunchback Of San Francisco
The Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven
Roxy Music - Would You Believe ?
Crosby, Stills & Nash - Guinnevere
T.A.T.U. - Stars
Jona Lewie - (You'll Always Find Me In The) Kitchen At Parties
Edwyn Collins - The Beatles
Sadistic Mika Band - Hi ! Jack (I'm Just Dying)
Touch And Go - Would You ?
Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow
Lyle Lovett - Record Lady
New Order - Ruined In A Day
Yonder Boi - Pabadam
Burning Love Jumpsuit - Cheerleader
A-Ha - Manhattan Skyline
White Stripes - Hello Operator
The Shangri-las - Past, Present And Future
Sparks - My Baby's Taking Me Home
Tom Baxter - Almost There


So, there you have it Zoneheads, all the news that's unfit to print.

Have a fine week, and we'll check back in shortly.

Thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone