Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bit average today wasn't it ?


All a bit disappointing today. I would never have thought that with former world champions taking the main stage in 2 games, that the best action of the day would come from the 3rd one, especially as it was South Korea v Togo, but there you go. Poor little Togo, not training for days after a financial dispute, their manager walking out, and the Prime Minister coming to see them to try and calm things down. All this before their first match. Then, just to upset the odds, they go 1-0 up. Remarkable. However, a player sent off, and then they were under the cosh, and the South Koreans won 2-1 in the end.
I am happy to announce to the world though, that an amazing scientific breakthrough occured today, in the World Cup. A cure for insomnia. Just get a recording of the first half of France v Switzerland, and I guarantee this is enough to send anyone to sleep. Very quickly. It was abysmal. The second half wasn't much better.
0-0. The worst match so far, by a country mile.
If they were still playing now, some 7 hours later, it would still be 0-0, I'm sure.
Then the Samba Boys hit town tonight, like a big yellow and blue damp squib. They beat Croatia 1-0, fair enough, in a 5 second flash of brilliance. But that's all they had. Croatia had more flair, more fight, and on the 3 occasions they should have equalized, it went straight to the Brazil keeper. I am still not sure whether to consider this unlucky, or just plain not good enough. However, score against Brazil, and usually they step up a gear and hit you straight back. I would have liked to see Croatia score just to test this theory once again. I still expect both Croatia and Brazil to make the next stage. Brazil can only get better. Ronaldo ate all the pies, and was substituted in the second half, to go and get some more. As for France earlier on, socks up lads, or it's back to la maison before you can say 'merd' !

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