Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Return Of Punkbaby

Hello all,
Sunday at AZ Towers, and we are happy to report the return, today, of Punkbaby. That's Zoe Street, to you all.
She's been a busy girl, but in she breezed in that heartbreakingly devastating way late this afternoon, to spread her musical gospel around the world, via The Album Zone. And, she'll be back, on a much more regular basis.
Her latest 'Pogo Sessions' from today, will be broadcast worldwide on the Net from RTI, and on Sky Satellite channel 0195, on Saturday 15th July (10pm, UK time). The show will also be repeated worldwide by Radio Seagull, and in northern Netherlands by Radio Waddenzee (1602 AM) on 19th July, and 2nd August.
We'll publish the playlist of the show right here, on the night it airs via RTI, 15th July.
What was that you said ? You can't wait that long for the show ? Oh, alright then.
It's on the Pod for you, right now.
Welcome back, Punkbaby. We've missed ya !

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

Mickey McBias reports : World Cup, 25th June 2006 :

What a strange old day. In a reasonably dismal match, England scraped through against Ecuador.
Into the quarter-finals they go, without really getting into gear. But could that be a good omen ?
What surely is a good omen for them is they'll face Portugal who will be without around 3 of their best players, 2 of them being sent off in tonights match versus Holland. Oh, Holland had 2 sent off too. And how many yellow cards were there ? Ermm, 14, I think. Or was it more ? An absolute travesty, and possibly the worst display by a referee that I have ever seen. I feel desperately sorry for both sides, I really do. Sure, it was a niggly affair, but certainly not dirty like so many South American shenanigans that we've all seen. If FIFA had the guts, they'd scrap some of those cards tonight. They won't, of course. But that ref should be sent straight home, to never take charge of a professional game again. The football was flowing, exciting, fascinating. In the end it could have been about 9-9, with the number of chances there were. It was a fabulous game, spoilt by a very crap referee.
Oh well. So, the Portugese march on, 1-0, with a weakened team, mind, to face England, next Saturday.
Maybe England not 'getting into gear' (as voiced by a million pundits and so many of their fans) may not seem to matter at all.
We'll soon find out - but it does look like a splendid opportunity for England to reach the Semi-Finals.