Monday, June 19, 2006

Sunday at AZ Towers

One of those editing, processing, paperwork days. Don't ya just hate em' ? All done now though, with half an eye on the World Cup proceedings at the same time too (more from Mr McBias on that below...).
Andy Miles newie is up on the Pod, as is the new programme from Gil Legine.
More news that's unfit to print when we have it. Now over to Mickey...

Mickey McBias speaks : World Cup 18 June 2006 :

Funny old game. (Sorry, used that one before).
Japan and Croatia fought out a slightly tedious 0-0, so we'll skip by that one.
Next up was Brazil, and would they get in gear this time ? The answer is yes, just about, 2-0, eventually. Still not a shadow of what we expect, and the Aussies did give them a hard fight. I felt a bit sorry for the Aussies, as their tenacity deserved something. But, they still have a chance of going through.
The evening game was a bit of a shock, especially for the French. For the first time in years, they looked up for it, the old swagger was back, and they led 1-0 from early on. A dreadful refereeing mistake prevented it from being 2-0 as it should have been, which I think the French will now feel rightly bitter about. But, they just couldn't nail the South Koreans after that, who never stopped plugging away, and threatened and threatened, until the ol' late show happened again, with minutes to go, the Koreans grabbed an equaliser. So, 1-1 it finished, and the French world cup hopes will be in tatters, unless they can beat Togo in their final game (which they should, but you never know...). Shocks are beginning to occur, that's for sure. Within days the final Group games are upon us, and I'd bet there are still a few surprises in store...