Sunday, July 19, 2009

Unmanned, occasionally, but still here !

What a funny old week, Zoners.

For most of the week, AZ Towers has been somewhat unmanned, until last Friday, when all hell was let loose with a flurry of activity, Blogs, Bulletins, Programmes, Editing, which will continue right through until Tuesday, when we are seaside bound again.
This back and forth lifestyle really is rather strange !

No matter, we have achieved a lot this weekend, with another host of new AZ Shows ready for your ears. Many have already been transferred to Radio Seagull, and ready for our friends at WCRV and Hesser to take, too.

Ah, but who ? When ? Where ?

It is about time you had an AZ Programme Schedule, so here it is for you below.

As ever, these are the Radio Seagull times listed, with 2 dates mentioned beside each Presenter.
First date - is 8pm UK time, and the 2nd date - is 2am Uk time.
Simple as that !

The place to be ? Well, it's

Here goes ! :

20 and 24 July : Barry de Foyle
21 and 25 July : Richard Bismarck
22 and 26 July : Johnny Reece
27 and 31 July : Gil Legine
28 July and 1 Aug : Barry de Foyle
29 July and 2 Aug : Johnny Reece
3 and 7 Aug : Andy Miles
4 and 8 Aug : Gil Legine
5 and 9 Aug : Johnny Reece
10 and 14 Aug : Simon G
11 and 15 Aug : Gil Legine
12 and 16 Aug : Johnny Reece
17 and 21 Aug : Rich Phoenix (Woodstock Special)
18 and 22 Aug : (tba)
19 and 23 Aug : Johnny Reece
24 and 28 Aug : Gil Legine
25 and 29 Aug : Simon G
26 and 30 Aug : Johnny Reece

That's all folks !


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Punklicious Books and Delicious Shows

Hi all,
and a thundery yet sunny welcome (does that make sense ?).
A quick update on all things AZ, and on to this weeks brand new Shows, first of all.

Andy Miles takes the chair on Tuesday, 8pm UK time via Radio Seagull, and Johnny Reece is around with a brand new Programme too, same time on Wednesday.
As ever, it's, your place of choice !

Don't forget ! - we are also aired on Friday to Sunday via Seagull, at 2am (UK time), and Hesser College Radio (New Hampshire USA) and WCRV (Pennsylvania USA) air us too., at weekends.
All details on our MySpace :

On to Punklicious matters, and our very own Zoe has been busy as you know, and her excellent book on The Slits has now hit the shops.
In the London area this week ? Well, why not grab yourself a copy and go and say Hi ?

Zoe will be booksigning, along with Viv Albertine and Tessa Pollitt, at Fopp in Covent Garden, 6pm, Monday 13th July, and also at Rough Trade East on Tuesday 14th, at 7pm.
Be there !

Looking ahead to August Programmes, our man in NJ, Rich Phoenix, has a 'special' in mind, as the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock will be upon us.
Air dates for this Programme will be given to you in plenty of time, so you don't miss it !

Thanks, as ever, for your support - back next week with more news of brand new AZ Shows for the following week... and what's this rumour about 2 new Presenters ?...


Monday, July 06, 2009

Hi all,
our run of brand new AZ Shows for July 2009, kicks off this very evening !
Tonight, at 8pm (20.00 hours) UK time, tune in and hear the newie by our very own Richard Bismarck ! As ever, all shows are around the world via
Be there !
On Tuesday evening at 8, it's Simon G, and Wednesday, it's Johnny Reece.
Ears at the ready - musical delights are promised...
J at AZ