Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Shows, and, ermm, tales afoot

And a happy midweek (is there such a thing ?) to you, Zoneheads...

Sports news first (eh ?) as our very own Mr Reece has decided, in his wisdom, to have something in common with many of his favourite footie stars above, (Beckham, Rooney, Keane et al) by 'doing in' his metatarsal.
Not just that - the full description from the hospital this morning was 'damaged and stretched tendons and a stress fracture of the metatarsal'.
Oh, dear.
Still, he will continue to hobble in and out of AZ Towers for the next 5 to 6 weeks, editing, recording, and generally complaining that he now won't play for Man Utd again this season.
Sometimes we worry about this boy, you know.
What he did also say was that this coming Sundays Reecey Show will feature another unknown gem from Rita Chao (fast becoming rather popular in AZ / Reecey circles, you know), an exclusive new track from the forthcoming Album (the first in 40 years, don't you know) from former Shangri-La, the one and only Mary Weiss, and, he says, if you're lucky, very very lucky, a track or two - world exclusive this - from the forthcoming Bryan Ferry Album, not due out around the world for a couple of months.
So, whilst his foot is resting, his musical brain isn't.
That's what we like to hear.

Pod news : To join the current new Shows on Pod 1 from Richard Bismarck, Andy Miles, and Johnny Reece, will be a brand new Gil Legine Show, in the next 48 hours.
Then, at the tail end of the weekend, another newie from our Pixie, Katrine, will also be transferred straight to the Pod. Plus, up and coming in the next week too : A newie from Zoe Punkbaby, and the first Show outing for our new girl, Cupcake.

Now, hop along...

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