Saturday, May 10, 2008

And we swelter !

Lovely and hot in London town today. With heat here though, out comes the humidity too, though I'm far from complaining - less than a month ago, it was snowing.
But is it the sort of day to be crawling about under studio desks, rewiring, rejigging, installing equipment, running tests ?
Well, no, but that's what we've been doing anyway.
The fuel to keep everything going, is a rather closely guarded secret recipe, a rather sensational 'summer special' drink, concocted by a certain Mr Reece, which has, in the past, been enjoyed hugely by the likes of Pixie, and Zoe. This really is some drink. Hard work deserves a reward !
Tonight, it's Zoe's turn to hit the RTI and Sky airwaves, with her Paranoimia Show. If you haven't heard it on the Pod already, do tune in, 9pm UK time, to, and Sky 0195.
Sunday night, and the Scotsman returns, with what he decided as - and I quote - "hmm, rather a mixed bag, this one". Ah, but isn't that always the way ?
Tune in at 8pm Sunday, on the net, or Sky 0195 on Satellite, to hear the likes of Ian Hunter, Siouxsie, Lambchop, Andrew Vasquez, Elvis Costello and more... and this particular Show hits the Pod late on Sunday evening, too.
Tomorrow, AZ Towers will be used for Programme tests, for work outside of The Album Zone.
Bit of an experiment, this one. If it goes well, you'll hear about it as we'll shout it good and loud.
If it doesn't, Mr Reece will make more of those drinks, and we'll just get plastered.
Have a good weekend everyone !