Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hope it's a Merry one...

Greetings and Yuletide salutations...
Twas the last weekend before Xmas, and all that. Wherever you are, whoever you are, and wherever you'll be, I hope it's a happy and peaceful one. Maybe a musical one ?
A couple of our AZ crew were out late last night at a pre-Xmas get together, and I'm happy to say, seem none the worse for wear this morning. But, perhaps that's just a disguise.
Musically, AZ kicks off tonight, Saturday, at 9pm, with a rather Punklicious way in to Yuletide, with Zoe. It's 2 hours of Punk, New Wave and Ska, and you'll find it at, and Sky 0195, if you're just about anywhere in Europe. It's also on our Pod, too.
Into Sunday, and it's Johnny Reece at 8pm, same place, same frequencies.
I had to laugh - it's the first time I've heard him give an official 'public warning' before playing a record - the very last track of the show, which he describes as 'quite clearly the worst Xmas song, or should I say, the worst, schmaltzy, cheesy, sickly record of any kind ever heard by anyones ears, that it simply has to be heard, as a warning to humankind'.
Hmm. The Scotsman does promise a host of goodies for the rest of the show, leaving the track in question to the very end.
And you know what ? He's right !
Podwise, I think I will upload a couple of vintage programmes from Xmasses and New Years past, for a little extra seasonal flavour.
So do watch out for them appearing, over the next few days.
You'll find our Pod, at :
It just remains for me to say, have a lovely Xmas.
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