Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Johnny Reece Show - tonights playlist

Hello all, here is tonights playlist from the Johnny Reece Show, broadcast at 22.00 hrs (UK time) via, on AM and FM throughout Central Europe, and on Sky Satellite channel 0195.
This programme will be repeated on Radio Seagull and Radio Waddenzee (Netherlands) in July, and will also appear on the Album Zone Pod as from tomorrow, 22nd June 2006.

Playlist as follows :
Sparks - When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way' ?
Josh Rouse - Princess On The Porch
Neneh Cherry - Hornbeam
The Film - Can You Trust Me ?
David Bowie - All The Young Dudes
White Rabbit feat. Jane Birkin - Take Me I'm Yours
Black Box Recorder - The Facts Of Life
Crackle - All I Want Is You
Divine Comedy - To Die A Virgin
France Gall - Bonsoir, John John
Mercury Rev - Spiders And Flies
Timo Maas feat. Brian Molko - Pictures
Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday
Colin Blunstone - Misty Roses
Thievery Corporation feat. Emiliana Torrini - Until The Morning
Barry St. John - Hey Boy
Roxy Music - Pyjamarama ('Live')
The Cars - Why Can't I Have You
Metric - Police And The Private
Ian Hunter - My Revolution
Jean Martin - Save The Last Dance For Me
Pamela Blue - My Friend Bobby
Beautiful People - If 60s Were 90s
Creature - I Don't Want To Fall In Love
Malcolm McLaren - In The Absence Of The Parisienne
Warren Zevon - They Moved The Moon

Johnny has requested to RTI, to move his Programme to Sunday Evenings, at 21.00 CET (which is, as I'm sure you know, 20.00 hrs / 8pm UK time). Much more civilised ! RTI were happy to agree.
This change will take place during July - we'll let you know when the changeover occurs. So, it's a double-header in reality, with The Album Zone on a Saturday night, and Johnny Reece on a Sunday.

Mickey McBias reports : World Cup Stories...

So, the biggies march on. The teams already qualified before the final group match did take the opportunity to use up all their squad players, with not very interesting results. However, Argentina go through to play Mexico, how many Yellow/Red cards in that one, do you think ? Holland face Portugal next, that's a biggie.
Funny thing though, whilst watching Argentina v Holland, a thought crossed my mind. Could this be a rehearsal for the Final to come ? Time will tell.
But, as the World Cup rolls on, strange, funny and true stories appear. I love these sort of things.
Widely reported today, are, literally, thousands of supporters complaining of drinking (watch out - some people could be offended here) what they can only describe as 'watery piss'. This did make me laugh.
You see, the problem is, one of the sponsors, therefore, the Stadiums are filled with their, ermm, 'product', is the one and only Budweiser.
Now, there's a thing. You have to remember that the likes of the Germans and the Czechs are there. These people know how to make beer. Proper beer. Then they go into and around the stadiums, and the choice is Budweiser.
The standing joke that thousands of supporters are now saying, is that they are selling Budweiser at all the venues in an attempt to keep drunkenness down. Sometimes the best jokes turn out to be the most true !
If you've sampled real Beer, then have to drink fizzy chemical weak stuff, you'll know exactly how they feel.
Onward and upward.
Two fascinating days to come, with all sorts of permutations still to be decided.
Will the Italians scrape through ? I expect so. Will the Czechs fall without their strikers, and let Ghana in ? Or could the USA turn it all around against Ghana and squeak through if the Czechs do fail ? All of these questions and more, will be answered tomorrow.