Sunday, August 03, 2008

August Schedules

Ah yes, Summertime AZ Schedules.
Just the time to Blog this, as I look outside at darkness, thunder and rain. Hmmm...
We're very pleased to be in our new time on Radio Seagull, 21.00 CET (20.00 UK) on Mon, Tue, Wed... with repeats of those AZ Shows respectively at 03.00 CET on Fri, Sat, Sun.
We think the 8pm UK slot is much better for us, and thanks to our friends at Radio Seagull for instigating the change, after a chat we had recently.
Incidentally, a new Radio Seagull MySpace page is up, and will be built on over the forthcoming weeks.
Do check it out !, at
For the Programmes though, as ever, it's, at the days and times listed above.
WCRV in Pennsylvania, have now begun airing The Album Zone, as of last Friday night, with the 2nd of the 'Reecey and Zoe' Programmes. We will air twice a week via WCRV, at 18.00 EST on Fridays and Sundays, a different new show, each time.
The Station is located in the Lake Ariel region, and broadcasts on 97.7 FM.
We hope this will be the first of many USA outlets. We'll keep you informed !
To the August Schedules, and not so straightforward this time.
We did deliberately keep some shows back, as Seagull were, during July, featuring special 'Live' Broadcasts from their Radio Ship.
Therefore, some AZ Shows which were previously on the Pod, have not yet been aired via our good friends in the Netherlands. So, it's a case of squeezing them all in, alongside regular brand new Programmes.
All August and into September 2008 Schedules are listed below, the first date being 21.00 CET as we mentioned, and the second being 03.00 CET.
Any brand new Programmes never aired before anywhere else, are listed as 'New'.
In the meantime, thanks for all your support, and as and when news breaks of new broadcastng outlets, you'll hear it here first.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

August/September 2008 Programme Schedules via Radio Seagull :

August :
4th and 8th : Zoe Street-Howe
5th and 9th : Andy Miles
6th and 10th : Johnny Reece (from 6th July)
11th and 15th : Johnny Reece (from 13th July)
12th and 16th : Richard Bismarck (New)
13th and 17th : Johnny Reece (New)
18th and 22nd : Johnny Reece (from 20th July)
19th and 23rd : Barry De Foyle (New)
20th and 24th : Johnny Reece (New)
25th and 29th : Reecey and Zoe, Vol 3 (New)
26th and 30th : Simon G
27th and 31st : Johnny Reece (New)
1st and 5th September : Rich Phoenix