Friday, April 04, 2008

Back, but hopefully not with a bang

So ! Back we are, with full power, after a rather interesting few days, firstly with no power for about 24 hours, then it was back, then gone, then back, then gone... and now it's back.
Let's hope it stays that way !
It really is rather difficult to run a Studio and Radio Station without power, you know...
On to this weekends shenanigans, and Barry De Foyle returns on Saturday night, to RTI.
9pm it is, UK time, and, you know where to go by now, don't you ?
It's if you don't mind, or, Sky Channel 0195 if you're that sort.
Expect to hear the likes of Andy Mackay, the Gigolo Aunts, Moondog, and much, much more...
This show will also be added to our Pod, on Sunday.
Sunday night, and Johnny Reece is back in the chair, at 8pm, once again via RTI and Sky.
For the pleasure of your ears, expect VNV Nation, The Bristols, Marvin Gaye, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, oh, and more than likely, a few stories, and a dollop or two of music trivia too ! This will also be added to our Pod, on Sunday evening.
Be there, ok ?
For all current Album Zone Programming, with constant updating of Programmes (at least twice a week...) our Pod is located at :
New AZ Shows on the way too, which will appear on the Pod shortly, from Andy Miles, and Gil Legine. Tonight, Friday, we are welcoming Zoe back here to AZ Towers, so there's yet another newie for you to look forward to, appearing on our Pod very soon.
Shortly, we will also have the return to the AZ airwaves, of Simon G.
Great to have him back !
So, have you voted for us ?
Oh, please do. It's just for fun, so they say, but we want to do well.
Just go to, and you'll see a little voting thing near the top right of the page.
Tick the box for 'Johnny Reece/Album Zone', and click 'Vote'.
We'll love you forever, if you do.
Thank you !

I'll be back midweek, with some advance Album Zone Programme Schedules for you.
Meanwhile, don't forget we are also aired via Radio Seagull, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 6pm each night, via
Next week, you will hear Barry De Foyle, Richard Bismarck, and Johnny Reece.
Have a great weekend, everyone.
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