Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

Ho Ho Ho, Seasons Greetings, and all those seasonal things.

I trust you are all well, and a Merry Xmas Zoneheads...

Oh yes, we've been very quiet of late - though the run up to this time of year has been particularly chaotic, on this occasion.
But here we are, decorating the tree, sampling the sherry, singing the carols, James Blunt roasting on an open fire...

And what of the Album Zone Shows over the Xmas period ?
What tales from AZ Towers ?
Oh, here goes...

First off, I had better tell you about the Pods.

Pod 1 - over the Xmas/New Year period 2006, will contain :

Katrine - brand new Show !
Gil Legine - brand new Show !
Johnny Reece - brand new Show !
Barry De Foyle - brand new Show !
George and Arthur's Xmas 2005 (have a drink before you hear this)
AZ Xmas Special 2005 (ditto)

Pod 1 will be available at :

Pod 2 - as from Xmas day 2006, will contain :

Zoe Punkbaby - 2 Programmes, including the current Xmas Show.

Pod 2 will be available at :


Happy to report, a brand new Presenter joins the Album Zone ranks in January 2007.

We welcome Anita to the fold, who will be regaling us with some rather superb music, and her own particular tales of London life too, don't you know...
Anita is pictured above, near our own ZoePunkbaby...

Don't miss her ! She will be here early in January...

As for RTI - as ever - our Programmes are Broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays, via the net at, and on Sky 0195.
SATURDAY programme times : 21.00 (UK)
SUNDAY programme times : 20.00 (UK)

Coming up :
Every Sunday evening : Johnny Reece
Sat 30 Dec : Johnny Reece (repeat from 24 Dec)
Sat 6 Jan 2007 : Katrine
Sat 13 Jan 2007 : Barry De Foyle
Sat 20 Jan 2007 : Gil Legine
and, more to follow...


Radio Seagull continue to broadcast us every Wednesday evening at 18.00 (UK) for a full 6 hours, via the net at


Finally, here is the playlist for tonights Johnny Reece Show, via RTI, 24 Dec (to be repeated 30 Dec) :

The Kinks - All Day And All Of The Night
The Waterboys - A Girl Called Johnny
Eddie Cochran - Sittin' On The Balcony
Roxy Music - Serenade
I Monster - Daydream In Blue
Minnie And The Kneebones - Me And My Miniskirt
Bob Dylan - Ballad Of A Thin Man
Francoise Hardy - Voila
Halfnelson - Wonder Girl
Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell
Bonnie Jo Mason - Ringo, I Love You
The Pentagons - To Be Loved (Forever)
The Doors - Light My Fire
T.Rex - Pain And Love
Marianne Faithfull - My Friends Have
Etta James - At Last
Joanie Summers- Johnny Get Angry
Rialto - Summer's Over
Kursaal Flyers - Pocket Money
The Troggs - Girl In Black
Emiliana Torrini - Fishermans Woman
A Raincoat - I Love You For Your Mind (Not Your Body)
Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble - It Is A Good Day To Die
David Essex - Rock On
The Carefrees - We Love You, Beatles
Bryan Ferry - Sonnet 18
Ginny Arnell - Dumbhead
The Jive Five - My True Story
Nick Drake - Made To Love Magic
Rita Chao & The Quests - How To Catch A Girl
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Our House
The Greedies - A Merry Jingle


And yes, we are well aware that Xmas time means it may be more than difficult to tune in to AZ Shows you wish to hear, hence our Pods... and tonights Johnny Reece Show will be on Pod 1 by early evening, 24th December.
The Pods will remain with their current playlists, listed above, until 2nd January.

All that remains is for us all at AZ to wish you a happy, safe, and wonderful time.

Merry Xmas !

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone