Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Topping up the suntan ?

Hi Zoneheads,
a quick extra bit of news, very good news at that, is that The Album Zone can now be heard, overnights 3 times a week (02.00 - 04.00, Fri, Sat, Sun) via the good people at 105 FM in Tenerife. Don't get sunburnt !
This relay is courtesy of our good friends at Radio Seagull, in the Netherlands.
Factor 25, anyone ?

For anyone that doesn't already know - we are on Radio Seagull, Mon Tue Wed at 18.00 hours,and Fri Sat Sun at 02.00 hrs.
Also - www.rti.fm at 21.00 Saturdays and 20.00 Sundays (and Sky Satellite 0195, simultaneously).
Oh, and our Pod has everything too, 24/7 !