Friday, May 02, 2008

Celts On The Loose...

Well, they are this weekend.

Barry De Foyle is in your ears at 9pm Saturday (UK time), and Johnny Reece will do the same to you, at 8pm on Sunday.

As ever, www. rti. fm, and Sky 0195 are the places to be, thank you very much.

Be there !
Oh, and if you're not, please be on the Pod afterwards.

Incidentally, Mr Reece promises us 'superb' (his words) new music from both The Teenagers and Smoosh, the odd jazzy piece of genius from Miles Davis and Dexter Gordon, Girly 60s sounds from The Crystals and The Ronettes, and much more besides.

A Bank Holiday weekend beckons, people zipping off to foreign climes, or the odd seaside rendezvous. That's what these weekends are for in the UK, let's be honest.

Not for us though, as technical jollities are what concern us, so there will be much crawling under desks and mixers and mucking about with wires.

A lot.

This is in lieu of other shows to come, and a general improvement in sound quality demanded by a certain Scotsman, who, errm, shall remain nameless.

Add to this, plans afoot for some new equipment are on the way, too.

Should all go swimingly well, the main Studio here at AZ Towers will have rather a different look in weeks to come.

Oh, and talking of swimmingly, the Sphinx and Mona Lisa are settling in well.

Have a great weekend everyone !