Friday, June 08, 2007

More Weekend Shenanigans !, 9th / 10th June 2007

Ah, Zoneheads, here we are on the verge of another 2 days off. I need it ! The guys and gals have done their work, all June 2007 Schedules are in place as you may have seen, so it's time for me to sit back, and look forward to what the Zone will bring me this weekend. And what's that ?
Gil Legine, and Johnny Reece, that's what. Saturday and Sunday evening, to be precise.
Add to this, the newies on our Pod from Cupcake, and Rich Phoenix, and we're pretty much all set.
So, it's straight on to the playlists for this weekend, and they are looking like this :
Gil Legine, Saturday 9th June 2007, 21.00 hours (UK time)
via, and Sky 0195 :
Grinderman - No Pussy Blues
Manu Katche - Number One
John Otway - Beware Of The Flowers ('cos i'm sure they're going to get you yeh!)
Van Halen - "Dirty Movies"
Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
Queen - The Prophet's Song
Manic Street Preachers - Yes
Fiona Apple - Get Him Back
Focus - Janis
Field Music - Give It Lose It Take It
Midlake - We Gathered In Spring
TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me
Camel - Lunar Sea
The Good, The Bad & The Queen - Herculean
Jarvis - From Auschwitz To Ipswich
King Crimson - Larks Tongues In Aspic Part 1
Guillemots - Annie, Lets Not Wait
Paul Simon - Sure Don't Feel Like Love
Tool - Ticks & Leeches

Johnny Reece, Sunday 10th June 2007, 20.00 hours (UK time)
via, and Sky 0195 :
The Strangeloves - Night Time
Ramones - She Talks To Rainbows
White Stripes - Rag And Bone
Michael J. Sheehy - Mystery Train
Beach Boys - Hang On To Your Ego
Barbara Ruskin - Pawnbroker
Neil Young - Downtown
Leonard Cohen - Take This Waltz
Les Petites Souris - Ce N'est Pas Triste
John Cooper Clarke - Teenage Werewolf
Hot Chocolate - Put Your Love In Me
Edwyn Collins - The Beatles
Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Last Of The Teenage Idols
The Beatles - For No One
Elvis Costello and The Attractions - Shot With His Own Gun
Miyo - Disposable Body
Bryan Ferry - You Go To My Head
Mesa Music Consort - Maidens Of The Flute Clan
White Stripes - You Don't Know What Love Is
David Bowie - Panic In Detroit
Medicine Head - (And The) Pictures In The Sky
Lisahall - Walking In Your Shoes
Pussy Cat - Mais Pourquoi
Joannie Sommers - Johnny Get Angry

So, there you are ! As ever, all the news that's unfit to print, is always spread across our various Blogs, Bulletins, MySpace, and the rest. All details below.
Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for your support.
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