Friday, June 23, 2006

AZ Sweepstake : Update

So, there we have it. I told you so ! The French and the Swiss make it through to the last 16, and it's time for an AZ Sweepstake update. If you remember, 16 people, 2 teams each, when it all began.
Well, it's now been halved, and we're into the last 16 in the World Cup, but who remains in our sweepstake ?
A full list below, of who's still in the pot for a major prize, and their sweepstake teams that remain, if any...

Johnny Reece : Ukraine, England
Katrine : Mexico, Sweden
Peter from Denmark : Germany
Steve A.Z. Page : Spain
Rich Phoenix : (none - teams eliminated)
Nick Saloman : Ghana, France
James Barclay : Italy, Australia
Marianne from Hull : Brazil
Richard Bismarck : (none - teams eliminated)
Andy Miles : Switzerland
Fawn from Chicago : Ecuador
Steve Lloyd : Argentina
Steve Siren in Leicester : Portugal
Zoe Street : (none - teams eliminated)
Rhonda from Germany : (none - teams eliminated)
Gil Legine : Holland

Now of course, we are down to the knock-out stages, so teams will be eliminated pretty quickly.
Sympathies to James Barclay, because even though he has 2 teams remaining, they play each other !
On the other hand, this means he'll definitely have one representative in the quarter finals.
Now we'd better begin to think of a prize !
On the prediction front, I expect, from the weekend matches to come, to see Argentina, Germany, and England all qualify. The Portugal v Holland match is a tough one to call, but I have an inkling the Dutch just might edge it.

Mickey McBias