Sunday, June 11, 2006

Of Pods and Footie...

Ah yes, a happy Sunday to you all, from AZ Towers.
Firstly, let's talk about programmes. After all the requests we have had in recent times about putting more 'Vintage' shows up on the Pod so people can find out more about us (whoah, a dangerous idea) we have relented and there is now a great selection there. Shows from the turn of the millenium for a starter, and we even throw back to 1968 with a very young student hipster called Rich Phoenix.
New shows abound too of course - do check it out.
And, as promised, we welcome the sweet Swede to our midst, as the debut show from Katrine also appears.
This show will also be aired on RTI, on Saturday 24th June, Sky Satellite at the same time, and Radios Seagull and Waddenzee on 28th June and 12th July. Lots of interesting musical choices, particularly Swedish ones, so do check out our little blonde pixie (she'll hate that remark !).
More from Katrine when she returns in a couple of weeks after a brief visit home to Sweden.
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World Cup Report Day 3, with Mickey McBias :

A quiet day really. No sensations, as the 3 stronger teams expected to win today, did just that.
The word 'just' is a good one to use, though. Holland scraped a relieved 1-0 against a dogged Serbia side, relief for the Dutch as they are in the toughest group by far. I expect both the Dutch and Argentinians will be happy if both have qualified for the next stage before meeting face to face in their final group match. I expect this to happen.
Mexico saw off Iran with 2 late goals, and Portugal laboured a little against Angola, though the gulf in quality was there to see. Portugal did look good, and can move up several notches if they have to.
Tomorrow should be interesting, as we see the USA for the first time, up against the tough Czechs. Whether the USA have improved or not will be tested for sure. I expect the Czechs to shade it. Italy make their first showing too, traditionally slow starters. And Australia will find Japan a lot tougher than they think. Having said all that, my predictions may be rubbish ! But I can see wins for the Czechs amd Italy, although the Australia v Japan match is a really tough one to call. Most matches so far, in the first 3 days, have been excellent, and it's all just warming up nicely. Still to come later this week of course, Brazil, France, et al...