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Weekend, and Q and A's...

Hi all,
are you used to the fact it's 2008 yet ? It was always such a problem in the past, getting the date wrong for ages whenever you had to write it. I've adjusted a lot quicker this time. No waiting until it's March before you write '08' automatically. Or, type it, I should say. A lot of actual 'writing' has become rather a thing of the past. My own writing has suffered because of it, and millions of others too, I would guess. It's now become something of an unruly scrawl.
On the other hand, this is neat and tidy isn't it ? But, I 'write' very little these days. I never thought a keyboard would replace a pen, but there you go.
To the matters in hand, as it were, and we soar into the weekend with Rich Phoenix making his first appearance on RTI and Sky, for a while. The place to be is, or Sky 0195, at 9pm (that's UK time) tonight, Saturday. It's also on our Pod !
Expect the likes of Badfinger, Junior Parker, Dylan, and some newies including Ray Davies, vintage from Gene Vincent, and... well, tune in !
Sunday night sees Johnny Reece take the chair, same Stations, same frequencies, though it begins an hour earlier, at 8pm UK. Into your ears will be Alex Harvey, Ben Harper, Colin Newman, newies such as Dave Gahan, and the odd piece of vintage from the likes of Sylvie Vartan. Expect the unexpected, is the phrase we often use - because it's true !
The Scotsmans choices hit our Pod on Sunday evening, too.
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Ah, now it's time for the second of our 'Q and A' series. As Rich Phoenix returns to our weekend airwaves, we felt it was his turn to take the limelight with his grilling session, what he thinks, and why he thinks it.
So, here goes !
Rich Phoenix : The Q and A's... :

If you were in charge of making the environment better what would you do?

Put an enforceable international tax or sanction on every form of what we now consider “carbon loading,” and it would be pervasive -- from companies generating power to governments responsible for wasting energy, wrecking the environment and especially those governments involved in active conflicts, since the detonation of firearms and explosives are clearly a form of carbon loading. In short, make the whole damned carbon loading affair unprofitable for parties engaged in same for no useful humanitarian purpose.

In your career with the Album Zone and the thousands of songs that you've played have you ever played anything that changed a listeners life?

Not on AZ, so far as I know, but some 42 years ago, when I was an all-night country DJ on a big midwestern American mediumwave station, I dedicated Marty Robbins’ “A White Sport Coat” to a fraternity brother who was on the road and nodding out. Hearing my voice and dedication kept him from falling asleep at the wheel and like as not killing himself in an automobile accident.

Have you ever considered quitting AZ ? And why ?

No way! AZ is my passion and my mental health therapy!

Anything you've done that you have really regretted ? Care to tell ?

Not helping my Mom and Dad enough around the house when I still lived under their roof.

It doesn't pay. Why do you do it ?

Please refer to the reply about quitting AZ -- same answer. It is truly a passion.

What's the best thing about doing AZ ?

Having Governor Reece as the boss.

And the worst ?

Not having AZ on a big-arse string of high-powered terrestrial radio stations in North America.

Favourite City:

Easy one, that -- London, of course, ‘coz they’ve always made me feel uncommonly welcome and respected my areas of expertise.

Favourite town:

Chester, New Jersey, as they’ve never given me a parking ticket nor made me feel unwelcome in any way.

Do you miss doing 'Live' Shows ?

Sometimes, yes, but the ability to pre-record generally allows me to give every show my best, even on a “bad” day or night.

Do you have a favourite record of all time - or are there just too many ?

Yes, there are a lot of ‘em. If it had to be a Desert Island Disc, it would be the Fabs’ Abbey Road, start to finish.

Where have you never travelled - but really want to visit ?


Ever thought of doing 'all talk' programmes ?

Yes, and I have. I felt damned naked to be lacking music to help tell the story.

Do you ever listen to any of the other AZ Presenters shows ?
If so, which ones and why ?

Yes, especially Guvnah Reece, ‘coz he’s the boss!

Got pets ? What ?

My wife and I have four cats. They are wonderful company and we couldn’t part with a single one of ‘em. Philosophy: Love me/Love my cats.

What's the funniest / saddest / strangest
thing to happen while doing (live ??) shows on the radio ?

Having the “murder” of a lifelong friend (since deceased) staged in the radio station while I was on the air.

What was really embarrassing ?

Not having a full command of Saxon monosyllables in my youth and having to ask my Mum what one of the “big ones” meant (and we were in church!)

Who's the sexiest girl / boy singers for you ?

Dusty Springfield/Isaac Hayes

Sexiest record ?

“The Look of Love,” again, by the two artistes above, although one recording is a total “180” from the other!

Please tell us something about your biography, we don't know much about you... where are you from, where are you now ? And where are you going ?

Originally, I am from the American South, the Confederacy, if you will -- born in Norfolk, Virginia and proud that the root cause of that war was a form of independence but ashamed of the fact that the victims of that “independence,” had been human beings that deserved respect and freedom which was a century in coming and still isn‘t here. I am now in New Jersey. Where am I going? -- wherever it is, it better be with my wife.

AZ has been going 10 years. Will you still be doing it in 10 years time ?

If the fates allow, and we will surely be bigger and better in 10 years’ time!

Would you like a job with a national radio station ?

Only if that national radio station were AZ, heard terrestrially, via satellite, shortwave, on the web and Super WiFi with JR as the boss.

Favourite Album ?

Gotta be Abbey Road, once again.

Does a lot of advance planning go into your programmes, or do you just sit down and get on with it ?

I “get on with it” after researching unfamiliar artistes and their accomplishments so that I will sound conversant and relatively intelligent.

Anything else you'd like to add ?

Couldn’t have gotten this far in my life and in AZ without the support of my wife, Carla, who believes in me.


Thanks all, for your support. Back soon !

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