Monday, January 21, 2008

The return of Cupcake... and oh, those questions...

Hello all,
an early update this week, as we announce the return of Cupcake to the AZ airwaves.
The new show, a 'Movie Music' Special, will nestle into our Pod late tonight, 21st January.
Don't miss it ! You'll hear from the likes of Beck, Ennio Morricone, Vangelis, Kate Bush, Sigur Ros, The Faces, Stratus, Asha Bhosle, and more...
It's at :
You'll find all the current AZ Shows right there, all cuddling up to each other.
Well, sort of.
Cupcakes newie first appears on RTI and Sky, on Saturday 23rd February, so this is a nice advance preview. Thereafter, throughout February the show will also be aired via Radio Seagull, on 4 separate occasions, different days, different times.
We'll fill you in when the time comes, as we always do.
But what about those questions ?
We gathered together questions sent in by AZ listeners, threw them all into a bag (so they couldn't escape, obviously), then dragged in all the AZ Presenters, one by one, into a little room, where they were tied to a chair, a little spotlight shining on them, and grilled them, one by one.
Well, we might have done.
Coming up soon, will be the Q & A sessions from all AZ Personnel, one by one, and we will publish these once per week, until they've had enough. Fair ? We think so.
Cupcakes interrogation went something like this :
> If you were in charge of making the environment better what would you do?

Make EVERYONE recycle (no excuses) and string up anyone caught throwing litter.

> In your career with the Album Zone and the thousands of songs that you've played have you ever played anything that changed a listeners life?

Errrr, don't think so, but I've played a few that have made people happy.

> Have you ever considered quitting AZ ? And if so, why ?

Yes, but only because i felt i was letting the team down by not producing shows on time. My life was a bit hectic to say the least and that got in the way at the time, but I love putting together shows for AZ and its always great when people send a personal message to say they have enjoyed the show.

> Anything you've done that you have really regretted ? Care to tell ?

Yes. and no I don't care to tell ;p

> AZ doesn't pay. Why do you do it ?

It's good fun, and I like sharing new music.

> What's the best thing about doing AZ ?

Sharing new music, and people telling me that I have great taste in music :)

> And the worst ?

Listening to myself (cringe)

> Favourite city or town - and why ?

Paris, cos it's romantic innit?

> Do you miss doing 'Live' Shows ?

Never done a live show yet, but I think I would be too nervous to do one! Things have a habit of going haywire in my presence......

> Do you have a favourite record of all time - or are there just too many ?

There are waaaaaaaay too many favourites!
I have different ones for different moods / times etc.

> Where have you never travelled - but really want to visit ?

The Maldives

> Ever thought of doing 'all talk' programmes ?

Not really, but it could be fun !

> Do you ever listen to any of the other AZ Presenters shows ?
> If so, which ones and why ?

Yes, I like Head Honcho Johnny Reece's Show and Richard Phoenix cos they both play good tunes innit!
Oh, and Pixie always sounds really happy and enthusiastic so that's good to hear too :)

> Got pets ? What ?

Not at the moment. would like another dog or cat one day!

> What's the funniest / saddest / strangest
> thing to happen while doing (live ??) shows on the radio ?

Erm, haven't had a live experience yet.

> What was really embarrassing ?

Everything !

>Who's the sexiest girl / boy singer for you ?

Serge Gainsbourg

Sexiest record ?

Cargo Culte - Serge Gainsbourg featuring Jane Birkin

>Please tell us something about your biography, we don't know much about you... where are you from, where are you now ? And where are you going ?

I was born in Slough 35 years ago, and left as soon as I was old enough and wise enough. Living out the rest of my days in London's trendy east end (said in a very tongue in cheek way).
Have a love / hate relationship with the city, but its home for now.
Will go wherever the desire and a love of a good man will take me.

> AZ has been going for 10 years. Will you still be doing it in 10 years time ?

If it starts to pay me then i'll be doing it for the next 20 years!

> Would you like a job with a national radio station ?

Yes please

> Favourite Album ?

Le Histoire de Melody Nelson - Serge Gainsbourg

> Does a lot of advance planning go into your programmes, or do you just sit down and get on with it ?

Hmm, it depends on my frame of mind or the time available to me.

> Anything else you'd like to add ?

I need to get out of bed and make some breakfast and stop answering this questionnaire ;p