Monday, February 02, 2009

All new, all white

It'll be all white on the night, or something. Somewhat snowbound at AZ Towers, but no matter, we have a warm studio to cuddle up with (sounds strange, but it's great !) and we have an all new menu for you this week, from The Album Zone.

Three nights in a row. all brand new Programmes. Don't miss them !
All at 20.00 hours UK (21.00 CET) via
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Tonight, Monday, it's the return of the punklicious Zoe to the airwaves.
Tuesday, Rich Phoenix tells us of the greatest hits... of his life !
Wednesday, Johnny Reece returns with his Soiree...

Tune in if you can.
Oh, and if you build snowmen, send us pictures of them !

Steve Lloyd, PR, The Album Zone