Sunday, March 05, 2006

Final Broadcast via Live 365 tonight - 'LIVE'

THE ALBUM ZONE 'LIVE' to the world this evening :

Hello kiddies, and welcome to the weekend.
As most of you know, due to the new RIAA and DMCA rules which prevent any station broadcasting full pre-recorded programmes via Live365 due to no such software being available to now make them compliant (so much for Free Radio, ironic eh ?), the last Album Zone programme via this service will be broadcast 'Live' from our studios in London, on Sunday evening, at 22.00 hours UK time, by Johnny Reece.
If you can be there, with your ears pegged back, please do. The programme duration will be 2 hours.
Just go to : to access this Live Programme, this evening.

Unfortunately, hundreds of stations have been forced to leave 365 because of the software problem combined with the new broadcasting regulations, but hopefully they, like us, would gladly return to Live365, to broadcast 24/7 once again, if they eventually have the software to enable us to be compliant with the new, yet rather archaic rules governing radio broadcasts from within the United States.
Time will tell - but for the moment, there is little point in paying for a service which we cannot use properly to our liking, and will instead concentrate our focus on the Programmes we already supply to other Radio Stations around the world, such as RTI, Radio Seagull, and Radio Waddenzee.

We aim to be back on air 24/7 around the world by late April, from servers in Europe.
You'll find all the details on this, posted right here on this Blog, when the time comes.
Meanwhile, don't forget, we are already worldwide on the Net, and on various FM and AM frequencies in Europe too, via those Stations mentioned above, so, in effect, we are switching off just 1 of our 4 broadcasting outlets - and this will be replaced shortly.

We hope you can tune in this evening, at 22.00 UK time (23.00 CET, 17.00 EST).

Following this Programme, we will switch our server via Live365 off.
Stay tuned to this Blog for all Album Zone news, including the full Programme Schedules via Radio Seagull and Radio Waddenzee, which I will publish here this week.

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone

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