Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Schedules, Playlists, and Goldfish

Hello All...
Today, Schedules and Playlists are the name of the game. Firstly, Playlists. Hmmm.
Listeners have been asking if it is possible to publish lists of songs/artists played on The Album Zone Programmes. No problem !
Well, almost. Some have asked these to be published in advance. Ha ha !
No, that won't happen, as our Shows are not playlisted at all, and often change as they are in progress.
That's the way we like it.

However, we will begin to publish the playlists after the Shows themselves have been aired first on RTI. This will begin this Thursday, 27th April.

As the new Johnny Reece Programme airs, as ever, on RTI on Wednesday nights, we will publish the playlist here the next day, Thursday. Every week. That do ? Good.

Ah, now. Schedules. Well, we have been promising you these for ages, eons, centuries, or even a few weeks.
So, here goes, pay attention please, no slouching at the back, and we'll be asking questions later.

RTI (via www.rti.fm - check their Website for full details of Internet, Satellite, FM and AM frequencies) every Wednesday evening, at 22.00 hours, UK time :

The Johnny Reece Show.

We also air every Saturday night on RTI, at the same time. The Saturday RTI Schedule is as follows :

Sat 29 April : Johnny Reece (Smooch Show No.3)
Sat 6 May : Gil Legine
Sat 13 May : Richard Bismarck
Sat 20 May : Zoe Street

Radio Seagull, and Radio Waddenzee :
We air every Wednesday evening via these Stations, for 6 hours duration, and within these times 3 of our 2 Hour Programmes are aired. These are Broadcast 18.00 - 00.00 hours, UK time, on the Internet, worldwide, via www.radioseagull.nl.
Also, Radio Waddenzee can be picked up in northern Netherlands, on 1602 AM.
These Programmes are also repeated through the night, Thursdays, same frequencies, 01.00 - 07.00 AM.
Do check the Radio Seagull Website for full details of Programme times.

The latest Album Zone schedule via these stations, is as follows :

Wed 26 April : Richard Bismarck, Gil Legine, Johnny Reece
Wed 3 May : Andy Miles, Richard Bismarck, Johnny Reece
Wed 10 May : James Barclay, Andy Miles, Johnny Reece
Wed 17 May : Rich Phoenix, Nick Saloman, Johnny Reece
Wed 24 May : Zoe Street, Andy Miles, Johnny Reece
We welcome back Zoe Street to The Album Zone, next week. Zoe has been on holiday for a while and is raring to go (in a generally punky, new-wavy, ska type of way) and you can catch her shows, as detailed above.

So, there you have it. All the details you may need, or not. But you asked for them, so you've got them.

Meanwhile, spare a thought for the Album Zone mascot, Blubber the Wonder Goldfish.
Blubber has been watching over us here for 4 years, despite the fact we were told by the Pet Shop that he'd last about 3 weeks. He's not been well of late, but we're taking good care of him and aiding his recovery.
Keep him in your thoughts. These things are important to us. We might be crazy, but we're generally nice people.

Johnny Reece and Steve Lloyd, The Album Zone (Email : music@albumzone.net)