Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's an A to Z on AZ...

Hi there Zoneheads, from Blubber and myself.
Firstly, he thanks you for the get well soon wishes that came his way from you lot of kind souls (well, he didn't actually say that, he kind of swam about a lot very quickly, wagging his tail when he sees someone he knows - as he thinks he is a dog, we think - and then turns to us and says 'Glug') - but hey, you get my meaning.
He is recovering well, following some good care and attention from our own Dr. Reece.

And now, it's on to Wednesdays upcoming Johnny Reece Show - it's another 'A to Z' type feature, as this went down so well with you all before.
First record played will be by an Artist with the letter 'A' (Band name, or solo Artist's surname), then on to B, then C, and so on.
That's because you let us know that you like to try and guess which Artist/Band is coming next.
The absolute smartasses amongst you got 5 right last time, no mean feat as there is thousands to choose from.
Mr Reece thinks that 'Nil' or '1' would be the best score this time. You have been warned !

So, to precis : it'll start with A, say, a Band such as Atomic Rooster, or Abba, or Average White Band, or someone like that - OR - an Artist, such as Tori Amos, Herb Alpert, or whoever !
Real results please (no lies) can be emailed to us at music@albumzone.net once the show ends.
It will air worldwide on the net, as ever, this Wednesday at 10pm UK time, on www.rti.fm, and will also go out on their various AM, FM and Satellite frequencies too. Good luck !
The playlist will be published here within an hour or two of the Programme airing.

We have been doing the odd test here and there, late evenings, via our Live365 outlet. These will increase, and you'll hear about them here, first. Boy, the RIAA over there are really giving 365 a pounding, let me tell you.
Yet more rules in place, squashing down to nothing virtually all 'freeform' programming, and turning it into programmed jukeboxes. Shame, but that's what they call progress. We don't, but that's neither here nor there.
We will keep on doing what we have always done - freeform Programming, powered by our own Presenters.
We really don't want to be like everyone else. What would be the point in that ?
Eternal thanks, as ever, to our 'new' and 'unsigned Bands' sponsor, Thatstore, who continue to support us, no matter what particular new rules or regulations are thrown at us.
You'll find them at : www.amazon.com/shops/thatstore, and remember, it's these sort of people who are helping to keep us on air. If anyone else is interested in sponsoring a spot or even a full Programme, you can contact us, as ever, at music@albumzone.net.

Now, it's the old guessing hat on for Wednesday.

Thanks, as ever, for your support.

Steve Lloyd (oh, and Blubber too) PR The Album Zone