Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Our Posh Bird on TV !!!

Now, let me think. The great romances ? Oh, Burton and Taylor, Bogart and Bacall, Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara, Reecey and Posh.
Oh, ok then, maybe not, but we are pleased to give you an update concerning our very own Posh Bird (don't blame me - Johnny Reece gave her this name immediately on meeting her !).
A lot of you will remember the 'Reecey and Posh' radio shows on Radio Caroline, back in 1998, from the good ship Ross Revenge.
Johnny had met Laura (ermm, that's her real name) just days earlier, at a party at another Radio Station.
A few joint shows together later, and the job offers came in. Really !
Laura was very pleased, but Johnny less so.
Whilst Laura wanted to take up the offered Breakfast spot at a distant Station, Johnny was less than enthusiastic, with thoughts of getting up at 3am and pretending to enthuse about Robbie Williams records giving him all sorts of nightmares.
The stalemate ensued, and our erstwhile Romeo and Juliet were cruelly parted, and so the story ended.
Well, not quite.
A zillion Album Zone Jingles and Promos and Voiceovers later (many of which you can still hear now, voiced by Posh, ermm, Laura) and she ended up at Classic Gold, and now hosts her own afternoon show at BBC Radio Oxford.
'Beautiful Posh' as Johnny still refers to her (ah, ain't that sweet ?) turns up on TV this coming Sunday, in a rather different role.
Yes, Poshbaby and her dog Tinkerbell are on the Pets Prize thingummy-go-round.
Tinkerbell (pictured above right with Laura) takes part in the new Channel 4 Series 'Britain's Top Dog' this Sunday afternoon, with Laura in tow (almost literally).
We wish them all the best.
Poshbaby is special to us all at the Zone, and we hope to hear her on our airwaves again one day.

Good luck Posh ! xx

Steve Lloyd PR The Album Zone