Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh No, it's Leftovers !

Ah yes,
Hello there Zoneheads, whilst all and sundry are otherwise engaged on their travels, working abroad, or doing whatever it is that they do, I thought I would fill in time before the next official update by uploading a few pics, previously unseen here, from Mr Reece's trip to RTI, in Poprad, Slovakia, from a week or so back.
As the Scotsman jokingly pointed out, 'the leftovers' !

With pics in mind, do remember that it is entirely possible that many from Paris may appear here sometime before the end of the week. This is because our errant Scotsman leaves today, for 4 days in Paris, 2 of them he will be working on another project, therefore the remaining 2 days, I confidently predict, will be spent on many a trail, taking pictures here, there, and everywhere, particularly as Paris is one of his favourite places.
He is very glad this extra work has come up when it has, due to the fact that from the following week onwards, booked work is piling up at a rate which will prohibit future foreign jaunts for a little while.
You've got to take it when you can get it, as they say.
As for the Paris jaunt itself, this was on, off, on, off, and now on again - for various reasons.
But today, it's happening.
Now, pic-wise, over to Slovakia, whether it be Poprad the town, the outskirts, the Mountains, RTI, whatever.

Oh, and have no fear, we'll be back just before the weekend, with full advance AZ Schedule Updates, and all of the Weekend Playlists for you.

Speak later, Zoneheads.

Thanks for your support.

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