Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What I Did On My Holidays, by Richard Bismarck (aged 7)

Starting off in Bergen, I travelled by bus, train, boat and plane. It had always been an ambition of mine to get above the Arctic Circle and I did. Tromsø is around 300kms north of it and was not cold as I had expected. Weirdly enough I felt colder when I returned back to dear old blighty!Well as you probably expect I was bowled over by the sheer beauty of the place. The fjords, mountains and countryside.
Of course my other mission was to "Seek out and find interesting Norwegian music"Record shop assistants were only too pleased to recommend their favourite music. Musos are generally on a mission to educate others. And so they did. I came back with CDs by Ane Brun, Helene Bøksle, Thomas Dybdahl and others in my rucksack.
Just to clarify, in case you were wondering, Sodd is a Norwegian meal consisting of mutton soup with additional vegetables like carrots & potatoes. There it is above, cooking on my camping stove.
I know many people prefer to go to tropical climes in the summer but I guess I like the unusual, remote places. I like to get away from the rat race and explore.

Richard Bismarck