Saturday, August 25, 2007

Holiday weekend in... London ?

Hello Zoneheads,
greetings from AZ Towers. It's a holiday weekend in England, the first one since the glut of them all in a row which we have, in April and May. I do wish they'd spread them about a little.
Most people are off work on Monday, and it was shown by the remarkable lack of traffic on the way here.
The roads were all but deserted.
Time was, I got to thinking, when a holiday weekend meant a crammed mass exodus to the coast.
Remember, the UK is an island, so we have a few thousand miles to choose from. It was always chaos, particularly on Mondays, when everyone tried to come back !
But times have changed. When was it, 15, maybe 20 years ago ? The advent of low cost budget airlines changed all that - as it would, to an island. Book a few weeks upfront, and for, say, 20 pounds, or 40 dollars (depending which currency you're used to !) you could be in Paris, Venice, sunny Spain, or any of hundreds of destinations, within an hour or so.
And that's the way of things at holiday weekends these days. A mass exodus on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. I do feel for the UK seaside resorts, these flights have changed all that. I still do love the coast, but I admit, I've done the same thing myself, jetted off to foreign climes, for a change.
But what of us here at AZ Towers ? Well, we're here, with maintenance being the name of the game, a few changes, a few tweaks here and there. Seems the best time to do it. Having said that, if the weather holds, I may be forced to have a day at the coast on Monday.
Sandcastles and Ice cream ! The fascination of that never, ever wains...
As ever, we're here into your ears, via, and Sky Satellite channel 0195, if you feel the urge, on both Saturday and Sunday evenings.
Saturday, 21.00 hours (UK time), it's the return of Richard Bismarck. Actually, I must speak to him about holidays. He chooses the unexpected - every time - re holiday destinations.
Sunday, 20.00 hours (UK time), it's the usual slot for Johnny Reece.
It seems he likes the 'theme' thing he embarked upon in recent times, and this week, it's Cover Versions. A whole host of his favourites, to guide you through 2 hours. Tune in if you can. Oh, and expect the unexpected.
As always, all Album Zone Programmes are available on the Pod, and both this weekends Shows will be available from late Sunday evening.
I'll also publish the playlists of the weekends shows, right here, at around the same time.
The Pod :
AZ Programmes continue via Radio Seagull in the Netherlands, 6 days a week. These are on Mon, Tue, Wed at 18.00 hours (that's UK timezone), via They are repeated at 02.00 hours, on Fri, Sat, Sun, respectively. The Mon Tue Wed line-up this week, is Johnny Reece, Andy Miles, Richard Bismarck.
Coming in late September - the return (we hope !) of Pixie, and Cupcake. Oh, and possibly Zoe Street too.
Looks like September may be a girly month, here and there. This is always the hardest time re new AZ Shows, with so many away or on holidays. Usually, we lose 4 or 5 Presenters for several weeks at a time, all at the same time of year, and this is exactly what has happened.
When everyone returns at once, it's quite a job squeezing an overdose of new Programmes into the Schedules !
Wishing you all a great weekend, wherever you are. And if you spot me on a beach somewhere in the UK on Monday, mine's a Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream please. Thank you.
Thanks as ever, for your support,
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