Friday, September 07, 2007

Weekend Playlist, and those questions !

Hello all, and here we go, into another weekend.
First things first, and thanks for the questions so far. Just as we wanted, some directed at certain presenters, others designed 'for all'.
I can see there will be a lot of emails flying back and forth over all this, as the AZ Personnel are rather spread around, geographically. However, I've taken the easy way out to start it all off, for obvious reasons, as the 2 people here at AZ Towers this week, were myself, and Mr Reece.
So, Johnny had 3 opening questions fired at him, from different sources, which he has answered (in a very long winded way !) below.
Thank you for the questions, and keep them coming !
Either to, or directly via our MySpace page.
Playlist first though, as the Andy Miles Show hits the airwaves this weekend, via, and Sky 0195, on Saturday evening, at 21.00 hours, UK time.
Here's the Playlist :
Rush - Armor And Sword
Kasabian - Test Transmission
Grand Funk - Mean Mistreater (live)
Glenn Hughes - Switch The Mojo
Stone Sour - ZZYZX Road
The Jackson Analogue - Come On
Weezer - American Gigolo
The Who - I've Had Enough
Ratt - You're In Love
Doll And The Kicks - Just Sixteen
Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth
Velvet Revolver - Quick Machines
Bob Dylan - Baby Stop Crying
The Wildhearts - Inner City Overture
The Rolling Stones - Dandelion
Black Label Society - New Religion
Bread - Trunckin'
Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same
The Beatles - Dizzy Miss Lizzy (live)
Spinal Tap - Rock And Roll Creation
Robin Trower - Day Of The Eagle (live)
Cate LeBonn - No One Can Drag Me Down
Steppenwolf - Snowblind Friend
Rush - The Way The Wind Blows
Nine Black Alps - Not Everyone
Free - Sweet Tooth

As ever, the Johnny Reece Show airs on Sundays, same frequencies, 20.00 hours.
Please note - there is no new Johnny Reece Show this week. A repeat of the 13th August show is being aired, one of the 'A to Z' specials.
Johnny will return with a new show next week.
Ok, Questions and answers !
This time, answered by Johnny Reece.
Here goes :

Fawn, from Chicago, asks :
In your career with the Album Zone and the thousands of songs that you've played have you ever played anything that changed a listeners life?

Oh, my. You know, I would really love to say yes. But would that be true ? I'd love it if someone would write in and tell me that it is. I think so, I hope so. There's no bigger compliment, is there ? Over the years I've had plenty of contacts where people have commented on how something made them feel, or how they were reminded of something personal to them, or, just that they were stunned at the beauty or feeling of a certain song that they had never heard before.
Does that count ? I hope it does. It's such a nice thought. I've done 'secret' dedications before to people, where only they would know it was for them, which means something I suppose. That's so sneaky !

Marenka, from Bratislava, asks :
I've listened for about a year now, and you steer away, far away from anything in the news no matter how big the story, on a world scale. Why ?

Because we are not news journalists, and we are not a news station. The whole world is saturated 24/7 with news, whether it is the Internet, TV, Satellite, Radio, whatever. Anyone can see or hear news from literally thousands of sources, absolutely anytime they want. It's not our thing, and it certainly isn't our area of expertise.
Let me put it this way - if I want news, I'll tune in to the news. Simple as that.
No, we're quite happy with the way we do it, and I wouldn't have it any other way. We play records. Perhaps we're escaping from reality by doing that, which is fine.

Steve, from Weybridge, Surrey, asks :
Question for Mr Reece to make you cringe ! I've heard you on various stations over a number of years, with different formats, different staff, and colleagues, over the past 15 years or so. Who did you enjoy working with, and why ? And what shows are/were your favourites ?

Great, a question to put me in trouble with anyone that I don't mention !
Ok, but bear in mind this is all about personal preference. Maybe just the time, or the feel or atmosphere I get from hearing someone or something.
I must state, we're all equal here at AZ !!!
I'll start currently, and work back.

Of current shows, I would say Pixie. There is a whole host of reasons, all thrown in together which go into the melting pot. The different accent, the great music I am largely unfamiliar with, but most of all, the absolute enthusiasm for what she is doing which comes over so strongly. I think when someone enjoys making a programme, it comes across, therefore making it even more enjoyable to listen to, and I think that's what she does. She's a joy to listen to, especially when she wants to tell you what's been happening, or places she's been, or gigs attended, things like that. I like Radio to have the personal touch.
Also, Richard Bismarck. Probably the most relaxed style we have, and a great great listen, every single time.
He's also absolutely hilarious, a great sense of humour.

Going back a little further, the shows I really miss are from Nick Saloman.
I've known Nick for many years, and his shows were an absolute education, and fascinating at the same time. Mix that in with a dry sense of humour and anecdotes from his musical world and you have 2 hours of genius ! I'd probably name Nick's shows as my favourites of any that have ever come out of the Album Zone.
I always wish he'd want to do more, but Nick is his own man - he comes and goes, every year or two, or three. Maybe he'll do another one day. I hope so.
Funnily enough, his daughter Debbie did a one-off show for us, a few years back, and that was marvellous too, so it clearly runs in the family.

Back further, and I'm going back to the Caroline Ship, where I'd have no hesitation of naming 2 favourites, who you couldn't imagine could be more different than each other.
Steve Satan aka Colin W Mueslibar first of all, you were always on the edge with him, not quite knowing what he'd say or do next, which was half the fun. Always a brilliant, and once again, amusing Programme too.
I do wish he'd had more time over the years to do more shows for us, I'd broadcast them in a second.
Way at the other end of the scale, a completely different type of presenter, and that was Steve Masters.
The 'Hippy Hitman' as he was called - he only played hits. You wouldn't think that was my thing at all, but the style, timing, and general way of presenting was so good to hear, he was quite brilliant.
Haven't a clue what he's doing now. It's Steve's voice on our spoof 'news' jingle that we used to use, by the way..
That's all folks !
You know how to get in touch...
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