Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gil's Q and A... and on the Pod...

Hi Zone people, a quick midweek update for you.
Below, the next instalment of our 'Q and A' series, this time with the words of wisdom from the tallest man ever to visit AZ Towers, Gil Legine.
The Gilster's latest show is now on our Pod too, check it out !
We'll be back closer to the weekend, with news of Richard Bismarck's show, for Saturday evening. However, due to illness, there will be no new Johnny Reece show this week, therefore we will play a repeat from last year. I'm thinking of playing 'Vol 1' of the Doo-Wop Special our resident Scotsman did, which was very popular, not to mention, very different !
Ok, all that the Gilster said, is below...

GIL LEGINE : The Q and A...

If you were in charge of making the environment better what would you do?

Oh, don't get me started!! Isn't this is a bit of a serious one to start with?! Mmmm, well I could write a book on this subject but I'll try & keep it short, though of course being the tallest DJ for yards around it won't be easy!
OK, well for starters I'd have GW Bush 'taken care of' & his Dad for that matter, for both causing untold damage to the environment with their senseless oil wars. That's what it was all about folks & don't be fooled by any other reason. GW cares nothing about the environment from his stalling on joining the Kyoto Agreement and USA is by far the biggest producer of co2. I'd have had Blair 'bumped' as well only he did the decent thing. In fact all world leaders need to be heartily thrashed as none of them really care enough about the planet, Putin & his stupid titanium flag under the rapidly melting icecap - IDIOT! We should also hold to rights all of the politicians in every country over the last 50 years or so, all of whom knew about what was going on with co2 build up but chose to ignore it. Something could have been done back then but I'm afraid I think it's all too late now. I have a good friend who works for a company here in Denmark trying to find alternative power sources. He has studied all this stuff very closely and is of the opinion the Atlantic Gulf Stream will probably stop in the next 25/30 years. This will lead to the average temperatures in Northern Europe dropping by an average of 8 degrees. The average temperature in Denmark is 8 degrees, need I say more?!!

But apart from all that, what I'd do is ban all air transport completely, planes are responsible for carnage to the atmosphere, what's wrong with ships? Also not so long ago here, The Danes had 'car free Sundays' where no-one could drive. I'd expand that to car free weekends. No one family should have more than one car either. Train fares should all come down to encourage folk to use them. It should be made mandatory that everyone cycles & walks at least once to work every week. Plus continue to research and use alternative power sources including James Barclays immense potential wind farm capability!!

Oh dear, that was a book! Sorry about that. I hope the rest are a bit easier.

In your career with the Album Zone and the thousands of songs that you've played have you ever played anything that changed a listeners life?

Ah that's more like it!
Not that I'm aware of. I'd like to think that it has happened though. Introducing good new/old music to people is a real buzz for me.

Have you ever considered quitting AZ ? And why ?

Well keep it quiet but actually I have. Why? I'm not telling you, it's pointless because I'm still here.

Anything you've done that you have really regretted ? Care to tell ?

Oh yes and oh no!

It doesn't pay. Why do you do it ?

Because I just love to sit & play music. I'll confess I only really make programmes for myself, stuff I like and hopefully know something about. But if I can turn someone on to anything new or unknown to them and they get the same pleasure I get from it, then it's worth a million quid!

What's the best thing about doing AZ ?

The previous answer really. It's a very privileged position to be in I think, to play anything you like with almost no restrictions and at the same time give something to those along for the ride.

And the worst ?

That we don't do it live anymore, that was so much fun back in the MNO days. Also I miss all the jaunts we used to have to France & Holland, one day we'll do it again, maybe, perhaps, hopefully!

Favourite city or town - and why ?

Well Copenhagen is a great city to live in for many reasons and the longer I'm here the better it gets, but I'll say London. Why? It still feels like home to me whenever I'm there and it rocks!

Do you miss doing 'Live' Shows ?

For AZ yes. But generally no as I'm lucky enough to make two live shows a month for K.U.R. (the University radio station) here in Copenhagen. So that keeps me match fit.

Do you have a favourite record of all time - or are there just too many ?

Not as such! There are probably at least 30 that I could list here but it depends on what mood you're in. Is the sun shining, is it driving music, is it chilling music, is it day, is it night, is it a new album, is it an old album, blah-dy blah!

Where have you never travelled - but really want to visit ?

Lately I'm hankering towards visiting one of the Poles or Greenland. I know hardly an idealic destination but, as I expressed perhaps overly in the first question, they are the last true wildernesses on the planet and they are not going to be here much longer, so it needs to be done. Of course I would not fly there! Perhaps swim or something. Apart from that The Himalayas or South America.

Ever thought of doing 'all talk' programmes ?

Not really. It's all about the music for me though as you know, I do tend to twat on a bit sometimes!

Do you ever listen to any of the other AZ Presenters shows ?
If so, which ones and why ?

Oh dear!
Sorry guys but I don't. It's purely a time and location thing you understand, nothing personal.

Got pets ? What ?

Two cats. A tabby female called Misser and a black male called Herbie. They came from the RSPCA and the same litter.

What's the funniest / saddest / strangest
thing to happen while doing (live ??) shows on the radio ?

Two funny ones. The first was I'm guessing about 11 years ago on a live RSL in Kent. Mr. Bismarck, Mr. Barclay and myself were fortunate enough to catch Mr. Reece asleep on the studio sofa and broadcast him snoring his arse off to a delighted audience not to mention our own uncontrolled mirth. The second was around 10 years ago live on the 'The Laaydee'. I was just in the middle of my closing link when the next DJ up, one Dermot Vaughan came in to get ready and dropped a massive pile of CDs he was carrying destroying my link and half the studio as well. I believe I sharply said, 'good morning Dermot', it was probably about 4am.
The saddest were the last shows we did from MNO as I enjoyed them so much. Also knowing perhaps we wouldn't do anything live again for ages afterwards.
The strangest was again on The Ross when some supporters joined us one day and I was doing a show with several of them standing behind me in that tiny studio, literally breathing down my neck!

What was really embarrassing ?

The last time I let go at a dinner party. Or did you mean on the radio??

Who's the sexiest girl / boy singer for you ?

Right now in the mainstream there's no-one. They all look and sound so much the bleedin' same and are so young that they simply don't interest me sexually. Plus there's nothing subtle or suggested anymore, it's all in yer face blandness. I'd of fallen asleep before we got to the bottom of the stairs!!
In the past I've been stimulated by Andrea Corr, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Melissa Auf der Maur, oh and Sheryl Crow before she got all trick cyclist on us!

Sexiest record ?

I don't listen to music to get an erection! No really it's not a thing I listen to music for. In fact if music is playing I need to listen to it. It's too distracting to think of anything else.

Please tell us something about your biography, we don't know much about you... where are you from, where are you now ? And where are you going ?

I'm from England, I'm now in Denmark, I'm probably going to hell in a hand cart !!
Actually I'm going to bed soon as it's getting very bloody late.

AZ has been going 10 years. Will you still be doing it in 10 years time ?

Well I plan to be here if you still want me and I am able to press play without me dentures falling out or getting electrocuted from misplaced spewtum!

Would you like a job with a national radio station ?

Never! I can't imagine how dull that must be, all those restrictions etc. Also I don't want a lobotomy! G'mornin', G'mornin, G'moroning etc

Favourite Album ?

See earlier question.

Does a lot of advance planning go into your programmes, or do you just sit down and get on with it ?

You mean you can't hear!!
Not a great deal in my case. I plan the music in so far as I write a list of stuff I'd like to play - not in any order though, that happens by pure instinct and good taste (oh yeah?) The rest occurs as the plot slowly unfolds. I may scribble down the odd note about an essential fact or refer to a magazine or something, but that's about it.

Anything else you'd like to add ?

Not without a lawyer present. Happy listening and I'd like to thank my Mother...